Yearning To Retire!

by PB

I love to read blogs about others who have retired! I am interested in the ideas of those who have already retired and hope to learn what to do and not to do when planning my own retirement.

I would like to write my own blog about how I have been planning for retirement. I am 58 years old and I think this year will be the year I hang up my work pass and stay home! My husband and I have a laid back approach to life which is how we will also live in retirement.

I have a long To Do list:

Clean the house the way it should be cleaned, Work and enjoy the garden the way the garden should be, and most of all
Enjoy my first grandbaby for more than just two hours on a weekend!

Do I have enough money to retire? I cannot say I don't know or I don't care. It is a very important piece of the retirement pie. But it isn't the only consideration to make when deciding when the time is right.

Do you have a work pension or contribute to a registered savings plan? Does your government provide some sort of pension? Unless you have been extremely fortunate most of us will need all of the pension funding we can get from every source in order to live above the poverty line. But no use having a million dollars but nothing to do with it!

You have to fill in those hours that you would normally be working and commuting! For most of us that's 35 to 40 hours a week!

Sleeping in past 5.45am every day will be a treat!
Being able to fit a decent walk in every day will be lovely!
Getting more things done off my neverending fix it list in the short summer season.
Being able to prepare a day ahead for camping weekends at parks we haven't been to for years.
Creating healthier meals instead of flinging things together after a 12 hour day at work. Maybe working on some hobbies that I've put aside for 35 years or finding new hobbies that I've always wanted to try!

Oh the call of the retirement lure is loud and strong and I only hope I am able to enjoy it to the fullest when the time comes!

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Apr 21, 2016
Wishing you a long and happy retirement!
by: Pat@babyboomers retiring

You sound as though you've got it all planned enjoying the simple everyday things of life with friends and family. I hope when the time comes you enjoy a long and happy retirement.

Go for the blog and learn something new, or come back here and let us know how it unfolds. We need more people to share their thoughts and dreams for how they will spend their retirement years.

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