Flat rate pension proposals but not for existing pensioners

In principle I think it is fair to implement a single payment PROVIDED IT IS FOR ALL PENSIONERS!
How can it be fair to exclude existing pensioners? Creating a 2 tier system is morally wrong.

In addition:

1. I fail to see how keeping the means tested pension credit for EXISTING pensioners will save much money, as there will still need to be an army of civil servants (on gold-plated pensions largely funded by the taxpayer) to administer it. It will be a disaster, as mistakes will be made all the way down the line (to put it politely).

2. A lot of existing pensioners had to pay 44 years NI contributions to qualify for a full pension, whereas people retiring now, including those who will retire after 2016, only need 30 years.

3. What about people who retire just before the new system is introduced? They will lose out heavily for the rest of their lives and yet people a few weeks younger will not.

4. Women in their 50s have already been told they will have to wait up to 5 years longer to get the state pension.
So if you are a woman in her late 50s who has paid in excess of 30 years NI contributions, you will have paid over the odds to get a lower state pension several years later than you thought. Someone a year younger with 30 years NI will get over £30 pw more than you for the rest of her life. Fair? I don't think so.

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by John Davies

A single payment of £140 a week maybe fair, but it is not for those already receiving their state retirement pension? What kind of rubbish is this!!!?

I am not happy about this!! Many of us worked over the years so we can retire with some dignity.

I for one have worked for 52 years!!! So, someone, from say, another country, such as Pakistan, who worked for a few years in the UK, then retires, can collect a state pension that will be greater than MINE after I've working all these years. Some government we have!!

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