by Bernard Kelly
(Geelong, Australia)

I'm Too Young To Retire

I'm Too Young To Retire

After a dynamic and financially successful corporate career, now that I am 72 and no longer in the workforce (but still a long way from "retirement" - whatever that means today) I have adopted a daily mantra as a means to retaining my zest for living.

I use "I didn't get up this morning to be average".

My retirement dream is - like many of us - to generate some extra income, and to this end I've taken out a realtor licence and have focused on assisting families (still in the workforce) buy residential investment properties. My marketing is to mortgage brokers, to gain access to their data base (the regular broker has never gone back to his clients with another product). Then the mortgage broker writes another mortgage, and I earn the realtor's commission.

All this complements my online magazine
which initially promised an income, but the search engines seem to hide it from my target readership.

And then I've starting talking to commununity groups about THE FIVE PILLARS FOR A SUCCESSFUL RETIREMENT - you can see it here on this video clip. - and then recently I started a Facebook community TOO YOUNG TO RETIRE.

Feel free to come back to me with your thoughts on what I can do next. My email is

cheers ... I'm Bernard Kelly

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