The Poetry of Chateau Ventenac

by Lois
(Los Angeles)

Do you imagine living a dream? Do you dream a life of poetic sustenance? Imagine opening your shutters to the distant crow of a rooster as the sun rises. Imagine a view with only the long green ribbon of the Canal du Midi between you and acres of vineyards.

And so the day begins at Chateau Ventenac as you quietly slip from your comfy bed, lingering for a few moments in your well-appointed room with wardrobe and writing desk before you make your way down to the aroma of breakfast below.

There you will find a bounty of fresh local breads, cheeses, jams, yogurts and other tasty gifts waiting for you and of course fresh coffee and tea!

After you enjoy breakfast on the terrace, listening to the wind and the occasional nightingale, step down the grand stairs until you reach the pathway along the canal. Don't forget your camera. You may catch a pair of black swans, or yellow irises blooming along the edge.

If it's warm you'll be sheltered by the generous London Plane trees where you can linger and watch locals catch fish or bicycle past.

It's true, you may not see a soul along the endless pathway of the canal which takes you as far as you want to go! There is the ancient pont waiting with its gold lichen and stone bridge and the small villages to visit and shop.

When you're hungry for lunch, you can always head back, there's a friendly bistro next door with plenty of local specialties to delight including a flirtatious waiter.

If you return to the chateau there is always something wonderful to restore your faith in good food and subtle, attentive care. Julia will see to your needs whether it's suggestions for excursions, renting bicycles, a trip to a nearby medieval village – she is there to take great care of you and your party!

Don't forget there's a winery next door where you can fill up your jug for a few francs. There are endless days of poetry here, all for the making. I came to write and left filling my senses with the living poetry of Chateau Ventenac.

All you need to do, is arrive.

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