A Tailor Made Holiday

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A tailor made holiday using the services of a Tour Operator gives you peace of mind knowing that your itinerary will be planned right down to  the finest of detail.

Choosing tailor made holidays are when you want a truly bespoke travel experience. You will usually have something in mind that you want to do, and a package holiday from a Travel Agent is not going to cover it.

It could be that you want to travel to many different destinations or to exotic and foreign places that are perhaps off the beaten track. You will probably be wanting to experience the local culture rather than staying in large holiday complexes.

Last year while on holiday in the Greek Islands we met a lady from New Zealand, she was in her 50's had been widowed the previous year and both her children had married and left home. She had recognized that she was facing a new phase in her life.

She had decided to rent her home out for six months and travel across the world. She'd always wanted to travel but never had the opportunity before. She particularly wanted to see London and the U.K. and other parts of Europe.

When we met her she had done the U.K. and was working her away across Europe. She then planned on travelling to Asia.

I thought she was very brave to be doing it on her own. We invited her to join us for dinner one night so that she could tell us about her travelling experiences. She had been travelling for about three months when we met her.

Everything had been planned for her by a Tour Operator. This was a true tailor made holiday that needed a great deal of planning. She felt that she had benefited particularly from good deals in air tickets and hotel accommodation. The Tour Operator had even arranged and recommended various local trips in her different destinations although she still had the flexibility to do her own thing if she wished.

I asked her whether she had felt nervous about it but she said she had the re-assurance that if she was in trouble or anything went wrong with her schedule she could contact the tour operators, they had given her a 24 hour emergency number, and she knew that they would be able to sort any problems that were likely to arise.

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Using a Tour Operator to plan your tailor made holiday will give you many benefits.

A Tailor Made Holiday Will Be Cost Effective

You get a bespoke tailor made holiday that will cover all the destinations and activities that you want at the best possible price.

You may think you could save money if you did it all by yourself but unless you are a travel expert you will not have access to bulk discounts that Tour Operators have and you could end up paying more.

Your tailor made holiday is stress free because your Tour Operator will do all the work, booking accommodation, and making all the travel arrangements for you.

They can ensure that you are catered for if you have any specific requirements i.e. mobility problems or dietary needs. All you have to do is pack your bag and go.

Local Knowledge

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Your Tour Operator has access to a wealth of information that you can't access.

They have contacts with agents that have valuable local knowledge on the best places to stay, the best places to eat and the places of interest that you may want to visit.

They can advise you on the expected temperature, types of food and local culture you'll find. They can make arrangements for you to enjoy the type of activities you want to experience.

Stress Free Travel

Your tailor made holiday usually begins with travelling. Your Tour Operator will be able to advise on the best travelling itinerary. For instance if you are combining different destinations in your tailor made holiday your Tour Operator will be able to advise on the best schedule ensuring travelling time between destinations is as short and effective as possible. You don't want to be spending all of your holiday aboard planes, trains and coaches.

If your travel arrangements are subject to time changes, delays or cancellations your Tour Operator will arrange alternatives for you.


The most important benefit of using a Tour Operator when embarking on a tailor made holiday is that you have peace of mind that if anything goes wrong you have someone to call upon to sort it out for you. This is particularly beneficial if you are travelling alone.

If you book flights and accommodation on your own what happens if an errupting volcano halts all the flights for days on end?

It happened last year and many tourists were stranded having to make alternative arrangements where they could.

What if there's an earthquake or some similar disaster. What would you do? Would you have the funds or the means to start trying to make alternative arrangements.

What if there was a political uprising which disrupted air travel and put lives in danger what would you do?

What if you got sick, who would help you?

Hopefully none of the above would happen but it's nice to have the re-assurance that help is at hand should you need it.

How To Find a Tour Operator

How do you find a good Tour Operator that will give you your bespoke tailor made holiday?

There should be an Association of Tour Operators in your own Country that will give you a list of members.

There will be Tour Operators that specialize in your particular destination, or type of holiday.

For instance are you looking to go on an adventure holiday or a golfing holiday?

Are you looking to go to a particular destination i.e. Austrailia or Europe?

Search on the most important criteria.

The best way of finding a reputable Tour Operator is by personal recommendation. Failing that I would recommend choosing a Tour operator in your own Country simply because it's going to be easier to communicate with them.

www.reponsibletravel.com is a website that supports Tour Operators and promotes lots of different types of holidays. It has a huge reviews section where you can get first hand information on a range of different holidays.


is another useful website where you will find lots of impartial advice on travelling of every description particularly aimed at the 50 plus age group.

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