Great Ways of Staying Active Over 60!

Staying active over 60 is important.  As we grow older, we become more aware of our health and how lucky we have been to get this far in life. Along with that realisation comes the growing importance of taking care of our health and of course an important part of that is exercise.

For many people, exercise has always been a central part of their life and this activity kind of evolves with you, but for others that may have never put much importance on exercise, starting a regime can be a daunting prospect.

With that being said, here are some top tips of how anyone can enjoy staying active over 60:

Understand Your Body

This may seem like an obvious point, especially if you have remained active all your life. But many people have not remained very active and if that’s the case, staying active over 60 needs a little care you may not know your body’s limitations and its strengths. Test out different kinds of exercise that you feel comfortable with. You may have an idea of areas that you would like to improve with exercise which would benefit your day to day life.

If you’re concerned about any medical conditions and what levels of exercise could be harmful, or have physical therapy benefits, the best thing to do is book an appointment with your doctor to discuss your exercise plans and goals and get your fitness levels assessed. It may sound silly but you will feel much happier working towards a goal which a medical professional has verified that you are fit to achieve.

What Makes You Happy?

Even with the best of intentions most people will not make a lasting change with exercise if they don’t enjoy the activity that they’re doing. There is such a wide variety of exercise available to most people these days which can suit a variety of interests, fitness levels and budgets. Here are some of my favourites:


Staying active over 60 is easy with walking.  This is an activity that almost everyone can feel comfortable with and is a great first step to take in creating an active lifestyle. Whether you live in the town or countryside there will likely be a variety of long and short picturesque or more practical walks so you’re not confined to doing a certain amount of exercise.

If you have a dog then this really is the perfect excuse to get out there and find some great walks to get enthusiastic about. If you’re looking for more incentive, why not walk to raise money for charity?

Many organisations actually set up their own charity walks in a variety of difficultly levels and locations meaning that everyone can participate in their own way, at their own pace and in a group setting with lots of encouragement. Walking for a cause which you are passionate about is a really inspirational thing to do as you’re not just benefitting your own health but helping out a worthwhile charity.

To have the best experience when walking, make sure you wear comfortable shoes and breathable, weather appropriate clothing.

Staying Active over 60 with Swimming

Some people love it, others hate it but for those who love the water, swimming is the ideal pass time that will keep you active.

Whether it’s the local pool or the ocean, swimming is an exercise that is likely to put a smile on your face. Swimming in an indoor pool is the best place to start unless you are a really confident and competent swimmer, plus a lot of people will not have access to safe natural places to swim.

Swimming is an excellent exercise, particularly if you suffer from weight issues or arthritis as it takes the strain and weight off your joints.

If you haven’t taken to the water in a while, don’t feel nervous as there are slow lanes in public swimming pools and other areas where people who are just there to float around or swim slowly and enjoy the water can stay. Furthermore, there are many aqua aerobic classes (in a range of difficulties) that you can get involved in at your local leisure centre or pool.

Again this is an activity that you will need to prepare for with the right equipment. Swim cap, nose / ear plugs and goggles may not be necessities but they can make the activity of swimming more enjoyable, so why not invest in them?


Yoga is a gentle and calming exercise, which is perfect for anyone whose goal is staying active over 60.  Whilst not for everyone, it is something which can be done at home or in a class. Yoga or Pilates are particularly good exercises to do as they create a very calm and relaxed state of mind, stretch you out in all the right places and don’t leave you out of breath.

The meditation element to yoga can be downplayed or enhanced, it’s up to you, but why not take a moment to relax?

All you need to start doing a little yoga at home is a mat, a room with enough space to stretch out and a yoga tutorial DVD of which there are many.

Some types of yoga will focus on a particular area of the body or style, it’s up to you and what suits your needs.

Experience Something New!

If none of these ideas take your fancy, don’t let that stop you! There’s a big wide world out there full of activities to suit all people, so get involved and see how staying active over 60  can benefit your mind and body.

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