Book Your Spectator Sports Tickets Well in Advance

Wimbledon Championships

What do I mean by spectator sports?

When you were working did you ever dream of being able to go to all of the sports events that you enjoy but never had time for?

I'm talking, Cricket Matches, Tennis at Queen's and Wimbledon. Did you promise your Wife or Partner you'd treat her to Ladies Day at Ascot or Aintree or perhaps you're a golf fanatic and always promised yourself you'd follow the Ryder Cup.

Well now you're able to enjoy more leisure time to indulge in your passion you need to get motivated and take action get those tickets booked.

Get your calendar out at the beginning of the year and work out when all your favourite spectator sports activities are on and get them scheduled in your diary. Then set about booking or applying for tickets. Most of these special occasions you need to book tickets months in advance so you have to be organized and plan well ahead.

I say this for a particular reason. Retirement does strange things to your concept of time and the need to do things.

When I was working I was very organized, you have to be, don't you? When you work full-time, run a house, have a garden to look after, perhaps kids still at home, elderly parents that are making demands on you. I needed plenty of notice before I could fit anything extra in.

Since I've retired "I will do that tomorrow" seems to have become my mantra. Tomorrow drifts into next week. I tell myself there's no rush then I get involved in something else and the time goes by and before I know it Autumn has turned into Spring or Spring into Summer and I find it's too late to do what I planned this year!

The number of times I've missed a film I wanted to see, or a play at my local theatre that was visiting doesn't bear thinking about.

Yet on the retirement courses I used to organize in my 'other life', we always told participants to map out their social calendar and plan to do all the things that they wanted to do.

Don't put it off until next year, you don't know what next year is going to bring. You don't want to be sat on that rocking chair on the porch when you're 90 wishing you'd gone to Ascot or Cheltenham Races or been on Wimbledon Centre Court to watch a final. If that's your passion you need to do it now.

Wimbledon Tennis Championship

Talking about Wimbledon it's January as I write this and I've just realised I've missed the public ballot yet again.  How could I do this.   I know darn well you have to apply well before the deadline of Dec 31st.   I've just been on the Wimbledon site and registered for their updates.   If you're a fan you might like to do this.   The site also gives you information on the ticket releases that they do each day in "the Queue'.   They also sell tickets the day before play through Ticketmaster.    All the information is here Wimbledon Tickets.   I'll be trying my luck then!  I shall also put it in my diary for a reminder next October.

This is a prime example of how easy it is to miss out on something you would love to see.  Don't let it happen!

The Delights of London

Changing Guards at the PalaceChanging the Guard at Buckingham Palace

If you're visiting London at any time there is always plenty going on with exhibitions, art galleries, museums and theatres.

If your a fan of the Royal Family  there's always some ceremony going on whether it's Changing of the Guard at the Palace or some special exhibition or the Garden Parties in the summer.  it's always worth checking out the Official Palace Website

What are your favourite Spectator Sports?

Hadn't you always promised to make that special Rugby Match or was it the cricket or perhaps Henley Regatta?

There are other wonderful annual events all over the country that are not classed as 'sports events' Perhaps you promised yourself a trip to the Edinburgh Festival or one of the many music festivals like Glastonbury just one more time before you get too old. The opera at Glydbourne sounds delightful but I've never actually been myself.

Of course there are so many spectator sports events it's impossible to mention them all and it's very much a personal preference.

For those living outside of the U.K. there must be spectator sports events that happen every year where you are that you've always promised yourself you would go to.

The Rodeo, Rowing and Sailing, Baseball, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Balloon Festivals the list goes on. Check out this website it gives a Calendar of World Sports Events otherwise known as The Traveller's Guide to Great Sporting Events.

Buying Tickets

One last word do be careful how and where you buy tickets for high demand spectator sports and events like those mentioned above.

Unfortunately there are many counterfeit websites and dodgy dealers just waiting out there to get your money. Always try and buy from the official sources or through reputable ticket vendors. Don't end up losing your money and missing out.

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