Sadly, our Government really doesn't care...

by Kim

Born at the wrong time, 08/04/1952, and female. I calculate the Government, whose wages we pay to look after us and our country (and are making a rubbish job of it: let's face it, anyone else would have been sacked for gross incompetence!) have saved about £3000 by making me wait another 2 years 1 month for the money they owe me.

Now, why are they not going to increase our pensions to the new 2016/2017 level? Well, I'll tell you - it's because they don't have to!

Having spoken at length to a friend who worked in several Government departments for many years, I learned that we citizens are mere pawns to be moved about at whim to enable targets to be met, conditions satisfied and finances saved etc.

Sadly, our Government, whose wages we pay to look after us and our country, really doesn't care. Us Boomers appear to be the 'whipping boys' of the moment, being blamed for the state of the economy, the lack of jobs for the (many many) University leavers with degrees in Travel, Sport, Performing Arts etc. and the general malaise of our county.

Oh, and I've just found out I can't have the Winter fuel allowance because I was born 4 months after the cut-off date of January 1952!

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Oct 01, 2014
Age discrimination at it's worst......
by: Anonymous

Personally I feel really penalised and discriminated against because of my age through the pension changes. I was born on 14 Nov 1952 which is in the transition period of the increase of pensionable age for women.

I will be penalised on 4 counts:

No.1 I will have waited 2 yrs 7 months longer than many of my female friends born in 1950 to receive a pension. My forecasted pension will be £120 per week this amounts to a loss of about £15,500.

No.2 Neither will I receive the higher flat rate pension of £148 so will miss out on approx £28 per week.

No.3 I was not entitled to receive a bus pass when I reached 60 yrs as our town does not issue them until you are receiving a pension !!!!

No.4 I have just read they are stopping the winter fuel allowance for people of my age.

Jan 15, 2014
Women's pension age

Regarding the second increase of women's pension age the only thing we can do is to let them know how fed up we are of them doing what they want and penalising the weak ( supposedly!) pensionable age women in favour of others they think are more worthy and unneccesary projects that cost billions of pounds. They have taken the money that should have been our pensions at sixty which we now have to wait until sixty five and given it to someone else. It's wrong. I have written to all four of them to tell them what they have done to me and I suggest everybody who it affects does the same and tell everybody you know in the same situation to do something as well. Don't just sit back and accept what they are doing. Do something!

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