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Babyboomers retiring is a place not only to pick up retirement tips and advice but also an opportunity for you to give other babyboomers the benefit of your experience.

How we can help each other!

You know what it's like when you're trying to make really life changing decisions, you want to gather all the facts and information you can muster.

You want to talk to people that have been there and done it. Listen to what they have to say, learn from their experiences. Re-assure yourself that you're doing the right thing and more importantly help you decide whether its the best option for you.

Throughout the website we have places where you can write about your own experiences, either just to get it off your chest and make you feel better, or to give some valuable retirement tips of your own.

We want babyboomers retiring to be a community where we can share and help each other out in difficult times.

None of us can afford to be making mistakes as this stage in our life. You may have a bright idea that could help someone fulfill their dream that they hadn't even thought about.

Or perhaps you've made a decision to do something that you have regretted and could warn others of the pitfalls.

It's also much more exciting to read about other people's experiences.

To help you find the places on the website that are Your Pages for you to write Your Content follow the links below:

Retirement Lifestyle

What kind of Retirement Lifestyle are you planning to have. Are you going to carry on working as long as you can, or are you ready to sail off into the sunset.

Perhaps you had plans that you've had to put on hold for now for some reason.

Share your Retirement Dream or challenge with us here.

Retirement Apartments

One of the decisions a lot of people are faced with is that of whether they should downsize to release equity or move locations to be nearer relatives. Perhaps your retirement tips can help someone decide.

Have you moved into a Retirement Apartment. Do you consider it the best thing you ever did and want to encourage others to do it. Or do you regret giving up the family home?

Don't be shy tell us what you think about your retirement apartment.

Retirement Overseas

Many of us dream of retiring abroad but with the uncertainty in the Eurozone is it still an option to consider?

Have you sold up and moved abroad?  If so tell us about it.

Are you enjoying a new life in a new country?  Is it everything you dreamt of or do you regret it?

Can you give other baby boomers who may be considering moving overseas  some retirement tips.

Are you enjoying retirement in a new Country? Click here to tell us about it.

Best Vacations

What's been your best ever vacation? We'd love to hear about it.

Was it a once in a lifetime trip, for a special occasion or was it one of those holidays that turned out unexpectedly special?

Or is it a favourite place you love visiting and would like to recommend it to other baby boomers?

Click here to tell us about one of your best vacations.

Are You A Carer?

Are you caring for aging parents or loved ones that are ill or who have mobility problems?

As a carer are you feeling isolated, or despairing that your life will never be your own again?
Do you find it deeply rewarding and would like to pass on any tips to others in a similar situation.

Tell us who you're caring for and why.

What it means to you, and whether you've been able to find the support and information you need to help you.

Click here and tell us your story.

State Pension Reform

How did you feel about the State Pension Reform?

Have you had to put your planned retirement on hold because of the changes in the state retirement age?

What do you think about the proposed flat rate pension?

The Pension Debate is now closed.   However we have lots of comments from angry, disillusioned and disappointed baby boomers that you can still read.

Read here what other babyboomers said about the new flat rate pension.

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