Retirement Ideas for Getting Out and About

Retirement ideas that will take you out and about just enjoying the things that you never had enough time for.

When we're working we try and fit in our favourite activities but there are usually restraints and we never do and see all the things we promise ourselves. Well now is the time to do all of those things.

 If you can't afford to go globe trotting then enjoy activities that don't need to cost a lot.

Wining and Dining

RestaurantWining and Dining

A retirement lifestyle allows you to enjoy going out for nice meals whether it's lunchtime deals at your local pub or doing something special.

We have so many lovely places to visit in the U.K.  make the most of it while you can.   Keep a look out in your local newspapers for special offers there are lots of them around.

Retirement Ideas for Theatre Trips

I love going to the theatre but when I was working it always had to be at weekends because I was never able to make it early enough in the week.

My retirement lifestyle has changed all that and now I can take the opportunity of choosing from the cheaper evenings or even the afternoon matinee at my local theatre.

Treating yourself to a special theatre break in London or Stratford needn't break the bank.  Many theatres and cinemas have concessionary rates for retired people.   You can also buy privilege theatre cards that will give you substantial discounts and choice of premier seats.  You can also buy late tickets at the special kiosks in London.

Retirement Ideas - Museums

If you enjoy Museums  your retirement lifestyle will allow you to enjoy much more. Most Towns and Cities have their own museums and don't cost a great deal for entry, some are even free.

Then you have the themed museums where you can step back in time and experience what it was like to live in a different time and place.

There are also Football Museums, Pottery and Glass Museums, The Ironbridge Gorge Museum, The Dickens Museum actually the list is endless.

Check your local newspapers and the internet to see what's available and get out there and enjoy them.

Retirement Ideas - Art Galleries

Art GalleryArt Gallery

f you are a lover of art enjoying a retirement lifestyle you will have plenty of time to enjoy browsing through art galleries either in places you visit or on your own door step.

If your visiting London check out the National Gallery website for the latest exhibitions.

If you want to find an art gallery anywhere in the World! The site where art lovers and artists provide ratings, reviews of art galleries and art museums.

Retirement Ideas - Antique Fairs

Antique FairAntique Fair

If you enjoy browsing around antique fairs watch out in your local newspaper for local events as they come in all shapes and sizes.

Those who are prepared to travel further afield now you have a retirement lifestyle will find the The International Antiques and Collectors Fairs web site useful. It also offers a downloadable calendar of events which means you can plan your trips well in advance.

Why not make a weekend of it and book a Hotel.

Events and Festivals

If you enjoy events and festivals a retirement lifestyle allows you the opportunity to enjoy these as often as you like. I suggest you sit down with the calendar and mark on when your favourites are and get the tickets booked. There is always the danger that you miss the deadline for ordering tickets from the official sources and then you end up paying over the odds on the black market.

Perhaps you enjoy a day at the races either your local race course or something special like Ascot or Cheltenham. Or perhaps Wimbledon is more your scene or the Grand Prix, or the Edinburgh Festival. Perhaps you've always wanted to do Henley or the Opera at Glydbourne. Or perhaps you're still a hippy at heart and would prefer Glastonbury!

Whatever your passion there's no excuse to miss one.

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