Retirement Hobbies to Enjoy!

Retirement hobbies are wonderful to keep you active and healthy. It may be something you loved doing all your life or it may be something new that you want to learn to do and retirement is the perfect time to try out new things or spend more time doing what you already love doing.

Photography is one of the most popular retirement hobbies!

One of the most popular retirment hobbies has got to be photography. The development of digital cameras has meant that we can all be budding photographers. It has never been easier to take pictures of your favourite people, places and events.


There are cameras to suit all purses with the facility to download onto your computer and share with friends and family. Whereas at one time you needed to have all kinds of filters and lenses to produce professional looking photographs, most digital cameras will give good results. The best thing is that when you take a picture that you're not happy with nothing is wasted you simply delete it.

If you're a beginner and don't know where to start check out your local community for photography groups.

If you prefer to join with other people to learn most local Colleges run classes on digital photography from beginners upwards. So if you fancy taking photography up and prefer to be sharing the learning experience in a classroom environment that would be a good place to start.

Art & crafts

art and crafts

One of the retirement hobbies that many baby boomers intend taking up  is art classes.  I have been reliably informed by an artist friend of mine that you can be taught how to draw if like me you feel that you are totally hopeless at it.

I tried doing a water color painting at a class on one of the retirement courses I used to organize and I have to admit I was a little surprised that it was actually recognizable as a picture.

So if it's something you would like to do don't be afraid of trying it you might just be surprised at what you're capable of. I have several friends now that paint and sell their pictures at various exhibitions that are held by the art clubs they belong to. Who knows what opportunities might unfold.

As for crafts there is everything from card making to making jewellry, ceramics and pottery and lots of people who take up a craft as a hobby go on to sell their creations. It could be a great way to earn some extra money.

If you are a creative person and would like to do something but you're not sure what, a great resource for ideas and information on arts and crafts is There's not much that can't be found in the way of hobbies and interests.


One of the retirement hobbies that lots of baby boomers are turning to is gardening particularly to become more self sufficient by growing their own vegtables.  It doesn't matter what size your garden is you can start with a window box growing herbs or plant tomatoes in a tub on the patio.

Or if you really want to get serious and don't have a big enough garden lots of local communities are providing allotments for keen gardeners.


A friend of mine whose garden is quite small has taken on an allotment and is using it to grow vegtables and soft fruit and even finding space for favourite flowers that she hasn't got room for her in the garden.

The thing is that she suffers with arthritis and could have ruled gardening out all together. But she applied for one of the allotments with raised beds especially for gardeners who have mobility problems.

She loves going up to her allotment and tells me that she has made lots of new friends with the other allotment holders.

They also help each other out with watering and other tasks when people are on holiday or unable to manage something on their own.

If you feel you would like to learn about growing new plants and species lots of local Garden Centres do educational talks or will happily get one of their experts to talk to you.


One of the more unusual retirement hobbies that is quite different and may appeal to you as it seems to becoming more popular is History.

History can be fascinating and creating our own history with our own family is even more interesting. Most families have a character from the past that they tell stories about. Why not share your family history and make sure it is remembered for ever.

Here's a picture of me in 1950 with my dolls pram. Cute outfit don't you think?

Perhaps in 2050 someone might be interested in how a child was dressed 100 years previously, and what toys we played with. Every picture uploaded adds to history archives for future generations to learn and enjoy.

A friend of mine who has always had a keen interest in history has built a history web site in her retirement. If you've got some interesting photographs or documents from the past then upload them and tell your story at


Another of the more unusual retirement hobbies that is growing in popularity is Genealogy. 

Perhaps you intend to trace your family tree when you have more time in retirement and find out more about your family history. Would you know where to start or what resources to use? 

The world's largest family tree resource is of course with over 7 billion genealogical records from across the globe to start you on your journey. Who knows what interesting facts you could stumble across. 

For more ideas on retirement hobbies and activities check out the links below:


Some people create memory boxes but have you ever heard of Journaling?

As Baby Boomers we can journal, even if we have never done it before, and create a treasure for our children and grandchildren. It may seem just like day to day stuff to us right now, but it will be something worth keeping for a lifetime for them.

Read Susan's article "Create a Priceless Treasure."

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