Outdoor Sports Recreation

Outdoor sports recreation when the weather permits is what retirement is all about.

After years of being in an office all day to be able to go outside in the fresh air when I want to is just wonderful and I'm sure many fellow baby boomers will agree. No matter how stressed I feel the minute I walk outdoors and breathe in the air I start to relax.

The U.K. has a wonderful mixture of seaside, country and cities so there is a place for everyone. Wherever you live there will be opportunities for outdoor retirement activities. It's a wonderful way to keep fit and healthy and a good way of meeting new people.

Walking is probably one of the most popular outdoor sports recreation!

Senior WalkersWalking Group

Of all the outdoor sports recreation activities walking is probably the cheapest, and the easiest to fit into any schedule however busy you may be.

You can set your own pace and it's something you can do alone just as the mood takes you or you can join walking groups and make it more of a social occasion.

I've joined my local walking group the "Tuesday Trekkers" we're called. There are about 30 of us meet up in my village every Tuesday afternoon in all weathers.

We are very mixed group, men and women of all ages and backgrounds and probably different fitness levels. The oldest is a lady of 92 who always joins the long walk! There are usually two walks a short and a long one each week. The short one takes approximately 45 minutes and the long one takes about 90 minutes. Then we meet back at the village hall for tea and biscuits.

It's been a wonderful way to get to know people from different areas, it's also been a great way to get to know all the public footpaths in and around the village which I didn't know before. These we can enjoy at any time.

If you really want to get serious about outdoor sports recreation then the Ramblers org.uk has great information and is quite reasonable to join as a member and if you're over 60 they have concessionary rates. With over 500 local walking groups throughout the U.K. there's bound to be one near you.

Non-members are welcome to join on all walks in national festivals (see the Events page) and some special events and programmes organised by local Ramblers. Most regular walks are intended for Ramblers members, but you are welcome to attend two or three walks on a try-out basis. They even have walks that cater for people with special needs. So there is a wide range of different levels of fitness ability available.


Couple on cycleCycling for two!

cycling is a popular outdoor sports recreation retirement activity that you can either enjoy on your own or it can be more social if you join a club.

It could be that you decide to use your cycle rather than car in order to keep fit.

Cycling locally whether in town or countryside can be very pleasurable provided you don't live in a place which is very hilly!

Cycling along with the wind in your hair creates a wonderful feeling of freedom.

If you live in London and South East England, check out the The Forty Plus Cycling Club. They have some 800 active members, mostly retired or approaching retirement.

It doesn't matter whether you are an experienced cyclist, wanting to return to cycling or a relative newcomer to cycling there is something here for everyone.

I am reliably informed that members are aged from 40 to their late 90s. The bikes they ride range from expensive light weight titanium and carbon machines, through conventional tourers and hybrids, to “shoppers” and electric assisted bikes.

They are described as a very sociable cycle club with seventeen active sections in Bedfordshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, East Northamptonshire, Surrey and Sussex.

Each section organises rides on country lanes between one and three times a week - usually mid-week. In some areas they also have Sunday rides.

Sections vary in their pace and distance covered. You can go out and try their rides a few times, before joining. 

If you're a dedicated cyclist and you want the excitement of taking part in outside sports recreation events then check out the the timeoutdoors/cycling events page web site. They list everything from riding for leisure to mountain biking events both in the U.K. and Europe.



Golf has become a very popular outdoor sports recreation activity that can be enjoyed well into old age.

There was a story in my local newspaper recently of a gentleman in his 90's who was still enjoying a couple of rounds of golf every week at his local club.

Most Golf Clubs provide a wide range of social activities to be enjoyed by members and their families.

If you're not sure whether golf is for you book a couple of lessons at your local Golf Club and try it before you go to the expense of buying a set of golf clubs and expensive membership to the local golf club.

Before joining a golf club it's a good idea to check out the membership fees at 2 or 3 clubs particularly some of the smaller clubs as membership fees can vary enormously.


Outdoor bowlsBowls

The English Bowling Association was founded in 1903 and it is a very well organised sport which hosts numerous competitions from the club to the national level.

The sport is most popular in the South of England with thousands of devotees. Because success doesn't require physical fitness, it is particularly favoured by older folk but there are a lot of younger players, too.

There are quite a few different kinds of bowls:-

  • lawn bowls
  • crown bowls
  • short mat bowls
  • and carpet bowls.

It's one of those activities that is enjoyed by all kinds of people from all walks of life.

Bowling clubs and organizations usually offer a calendar of social events throughout the year so it makes  an ideal retirement activity that will give hours of enjoyment.

You can enjoy bowls in the summer as an outdoor sports recreation and indoor bowls during the winter months.

If you enjoy playing at home and you're planning going on holiday either in the U.K. or abroad and would like to find a club nearby you can search here:



Have you ever dreamt of skippering your own boat around some exotic islands in your retirement?

Well perhaps the ultimate outdoor sports recreation in retirement has got to be Sailing.

Owning your own boat can be expensive but you don't have to have your own boat to enjoy sailing.

You can learn how to sail and then charter a boat or you can enjoy sailing holidays through specialized holiday companies where you are part of the crew.

There are a range of sailing courses on offer some are even on the internet it's amazing what you can do with technology!

Here are some web sites to give you ideas to start you exploring the possibilities:

www.sailing.about.com A General site covering everything you need to know about sailing.

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