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A non surgical facelift that can turn back the years! Sounds too good to be true, but it is possible with a little effort.

A few years ago people starting telling me I looked tired. After a while I took a long hard look in the mirror and I realised that my eyebrows were looking low and my eyelids droopy. Not a pretty sight.

I'd read about Carole Maggio and her unique Facercise programme that gave a non surgical facelift and decided for the small investment necessary to purchase her book it was worth a try.

After only two or three weeks it started to make a real difference and my whole eye area seemed to be opening up. Friends were beginning to ask me what I'd done because I looked different.

I did the exercises for months and then like everything else I stopped doing them when life seemed to become too busy.

I've recently started doing them again as the march of time seems to be impacting now on my jaw line which surprisingly enough is not the pert jaw line I had in my 30's!

Yep! I'm definitely in need of a facelift but would be terrified to go down the surgical route even if I could afford to pay.

The only option I see would be a non surgical facelift with no risk and no high financial output.

The non surgical facelift book summarises the seven signs of ageing.

  • Low Eyebrows caused when the muscle tone around the eye weakens and the area under the eyebrows begins to look low and heavy.

  • Drooping Eyelids can be a family trait or just the cruel rewards of age, but there is no escaping them as you age.

  • Low, Flat Cheeks come from the Big Three facial enemies: Heredity, Age and Gravity heard the acronym HAG. These nuisances work tirelessly together to create cheeks that appear low and flat on the face and the face begins to lose its curves and begins to flatten out.

  • Nose Faults while gravity pulls the nose down, the muscles around the mouth gradually begin to lose their shape and their tone. This double whammy contributes to sagging.

  • Thin, lines, hard-looking lips can be caused by tension, smoking, the sun and habitual facial expressions. The resulting lined, sunken effect can add years to a person's appearance.

  • Sagging jaw and/or double chincan happen from the age of Thirty Yikes! When the jawline and chin sag and droop and loose definition and tone it results in a weak, aged appearance.

  • Crepey lined neckresembling a turkey! This can be caused by too much sun and/or lack of exercise coupled with plain old ageing. Since the skin on the throat is thin, it exhibits age more quickly than on other areas of the body.

  • So there you have it Girls and Boys not a pretty sight!

But all is not lost if you're prepared to put in a bit of effort.

Most of us try and keep our bodies toned by going to the gym, walking or doing some form of excercise, but we don't give a thought to our faces until we see our mother or father staring back at us when we look in the mirror.

Scary! How does that happen?

Carole's book gives you exercises that can redefine areas of your face you're not happy with and make a real difference after only a few days. Users of the programme have reported that they have been able to widen their face, make their cheeks higher and fuller and tone their jawline.

Look at these Before and After photos

Before the exercises Barbara exhibits an overall lack of muscle tone and a dull complexion.

She has drooping eyelids, under eye puffiness, heavy nasal labial folds, tight thin lips and a weak jawline.

After 7 days of exercising:

Barbara's overall muscle tone has greatly improved.

Her complexion is glowing, her eyes have opened dramatically and her under eye puffiness has greatly diminished.

Her nasal labial area has softened, her lips are more full and sexy and her jawline is more defined.

Since re-starting my own regime to achieve this non surgical facelift, I've noticed a distinct improvement in my complexion as the exercises stimulate the blood flow to the parts of the face that you're working on. My face is actually glowing after my workout.

I've chosen the exercises I need to do to work on the areas that I want to improve and it takes about 15-20 minutes to work through them.

You can do the exercises throughout the day sitting at your desk, in the car, round the house wherever you please. You may just get a few odd looks if you do them in public!

The book has been described by Harpers & Queen as one of the top 100 beauty tips in the world! It has also been referred to as the Beauty Bible by various beauty columnists.

The Exercise programme will give you a non surgical facelift without the pain and risk of a surgical facelift.

The Benefits of Using Facercise

  • Skin tone becomes more rosy and glowing
  • The nose shortens and narrows
  • The lips become more full and sexy
  • The eye brows and eyelids raise
  • The under-eye puffiness diminishes
  • The jawline firms and the jowls tone up
  • The nasal labial lines soften
  • The mouth corners turn up
  • The chin tones and the double chin recedes
  • The skin on the neck tightens
  • Increased blood circulation and oxygen flow throughout the skin and facial muscles will bring about a rapid change in the muscle tone, colour and texture of your skin.

If you want to turn back the clock and look a little younger it's well worth the time investment of a few minutes a day!

Medical Benefits

Facercise can be very beneficial for anyone that has suffered a stroke or bell's palsy where the face has developed a droop.

The non surgical facelift has proved beneficial after facial surgery following serious illness or accidents. The exercises will help to strengthen the muscels which lift the face again.

You can identify the exercises needed for different areas of the face i.e. a drooping mouth or eye and work those exercises to gain considerable improvement in movement and look.

There are numerous testimonies to the non surgical facelift exercises in Carole's book saying how delighted people are with the results.

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