My Thoughts on Pension Reform

by Sharol Rasmussen
(Rocky Mount, MO. USA)

My name is Sharol Rasmussen and I live in the state of MO, in the U.S. Perhaps, some of you, friends from England, have come to visit our shores. But you may not be aware that our pension situation, aka, Social Security is in a lot of trouble, as well.

By reading one of the stories by the gentlemen that is worried about outliving his wife, thus, forcing her into poverty, makes me so sad that our world has come to this. He's afraid, if he dies first, his wife will get nothing....This is the most absurd rule that I've ever heard of. To me, it stinks of gender discrimination against women, who usually live longer than men.

How can a society treat half their population, women, as if they're useless, when they get over a certain age. That they mean nothing.....They spend their prime years taking care of children, husbands, parents, and in-laws, only to find out when it was their turn for someone to take care of them, they had no one....Thus, the fate of your average, working woman. It's something for your wife, daughters, and granddaughters to look forward to, isn't it.....

I'm 55 years old now. I've been on disability for ten years. I was married more than ten years, which Social Security considers a long-term marriage, so I should be entitled to my ex-husbands full Social Security benefits when I'm age 67, or he dies. But since I was a teacher, in the state of CA, which didn't pay into Social Security, although I had no choice in the matter, the government will take half of my benefit away from me.....I can hardly wait....Less money to live on......

What I've decided to do is downsize my home, big time. It's not that I will have any appreciation, but instead of me leaving more than half my net worth sitting in a home, that's not appreciating, I'm selling, getting a smaller, cheaper home, and investing the difference. Not in dollars, stocks, bonds, and everything that's in a bubble. I'm buying some gold/silver, and having a free and clear home.

It's time for us all to live within our means, don't buy unless we can pay cash, and we really need it..... We are at the beginning of a new Great Depression, I believe. Please protect yourself. Your going to need it.....

Sharol Rasmussen
Rocky Mount, MO

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May 13, 2013
my thoughts on pension reform
by: Anonymous

Great information with comparing the UK to the USA. Very interesting, how little money we will have in our golden years.

Jack caruso

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