My thoughts on pension proposals

by Linda

I was born in october 1953 and will have to wait until july 2018 when I will be over 65 years of age to receive anything at all.

Someone born just a few months earlier than me will not be affected and will receive their pension at 63.

I gave up my job a year ago expecting I would receive my pension at just over 63 only to learn a few months later that my pension date had been increased by a further two years.

It seems this has been reduced to eighteen months which is an improvement but it is still unfair that I should have to wait eighteen months longer than someone a few months older than me. Surely a gradual month by month increase would be fairer instead of a rapid increase of eighteen months.

I believe the government expects that I will receive the new flat rate pension but because I have mostly only worked part time to be able to care for my family I will receive a reduced rate so I will not benefit at all from waiting the extra eighteen months.

Whatever happened to my expectations that I would receive my state pension at sixty? Until just a few years before my sixtieth birthday this is what I thought would happen.

Then I was told I had to wait over three years longer and made the decision to leave my job expecting to receive my pension at just over 63. Right now I would be grateful for that to happen as for the next five years I will get nothing.

It is often said that pensioners already do not receive enough to live on so I have no idea what will happen to me.

To say I am worried about my future is an understatement. Three years longer to wait beyond sixty than those already receiving their monthly pay is unfair, particularly as I have contributed and taken nothing in benefits from the system.

In my opinion five years is simply unacceptable but there is absolutely nothing I can do about it as nobody seems to care, especially the ministers who suddenly decided to speed up their proposals with no consideration as to how it will affect the individual.

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