Make a Will Free and Help your Favourite Charity

There are millions of people that don't make a Will and risk leaving their grieving family a lot of unnecessary work and expense to sort their affairs out after their death simply because they fail to see the importance of it.

If you fail to leave a last Will and Testament  it may even mean that your family could miss out on an inheritance that you would have liked them to have.

In a recent survey carried out by Legal & General it shows that as many as six out of ten people fail to leave a Will.

To not make a Will puts children at risk!

According to a recent article in the Mail on Sunday Ignoring a Will puts children at risk!

There can be serious financial consequences from dying intestate (dying without leaving a will).  Children from previous marriages, for example can be inadvertently be cut off and partners excluded.

Or it might be left to a judge to decide who cares for children.

Carol Mason of Morecrofts Solicitors in Liverpool warns that unmarried couples are not covered by the rules of intestacy, which means a partner is not entitled to inherit.

If a married person dies without a Will then a surviving spouse inherits the first £250,000 and the rest passes to children and is divided equally.  Any sum higher than £325,000 - known as the nil-rate band- left to children is subject to Inheritance tax at a rate of 40 per cent.

However, you can leave everything to a wife or husband in a will tax free.  When the surviving spouse dies, they inherit their late partner's nil-rate band and up to £650,000 can be bequeathed to their children free of the death tax.

Did you know that gifting 10 per cent or more of your estate in your will to a recognised charity also reduces the tax rate to 36 per cent.

Is it the cost of Making a Will that deters people?

Perhaps it's the cost of making a Will that puts people off or merely the fact that they intend to do it but never get round to it.  Or perhaps
people feel that it's only necessary for wealthy people to make a Will and they feel that they have nothing to leave. 

If you don't leave a Will however little you have, the sad fact is it could end up going to the State.

It's not just about your money and your property.

  • What about your wishes of how and where you would like your remains to be placed?
  • What type of service if any would you like?
  • Is it all too morbid for you to think about?

Unfortunately there is one thing that we can be certain of and it happens to all of us.  Sooner or later we die!

Let's face it we never know what's around the corner.  Life is not always fair.  Quite often people are cut down in their prime.  Accidents happen, illness can strike when we're least expecting it.  Why make it difficult for the loved ones we leave behind.

If you want to know what would happen if you died without leaving a will read my article on Making a Will - Will it Matter.

Whether you're single, married, in a civil relationship, have children, grandchildren, no children, no surviving relatives, whether you have a business, a pension, have been married previously you still need to make a Will.

The cost of making a simple Will in the UK is approximately £150-£200 plus VAT and most people only need a basic Will. 

Couples can have mirror Wills for between £250 to £300.  You can even do your own Will with the help of DIY Forms from Stationers and off the internet.  However, why risk getting it wrong when you can take advantage of Free Wills Month. You can not only make a will for free but you can also help your favourite charity.

Free Will Making in the U.K. October and November

There are two organisations in the UK that offer a Free Will Making Month when Solicitors throughout the country offer to write Wills free in return for a donation to one of the chosen charities written into your Will (although this is choice and not compulsory).

The first offers the service for people 55 and over  covering England and Wales.  The next campaign is March 2018.

For more information or to register your interest go to,


The second one offers the service to any adult with no age restriction throughout the UK. operates their service during the month of November go to  for more information.

Click on the links and arrange your appointment.  There is no reason why you can't take advantage of these two offers.

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