Looking Younger - Feeling Good!

Looking younger is all about style. It doesn't matter how old in years you are if you dress with style you will instantly look younger!

It doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune on designer clothes just be aware of the latest styles and fashions and find how to adapt the look for yourself.

This beautiful lady is Daphne Selfe who is still modelling at the age of 83.

Looking younger than your years has never been easier with all the fashion magazines, personal stylists and makeover shows on television to give us tips on what we should and should'nt wear but sometimes we still need a little push in the right direction to have the confidence to make a few changes.

How many times do you hear women of a certain age saying they feel invisible?  It's usually because they stop making an effort with themselves. 

Once retired it's easy to fall into the trap of jeans and sweaters every day.  Little or no makeup and not bothering much with your hair. I've
done it myself and watched friends do it.  Out go the smart jackets and in come the casual fleeces.

I've even found myself digging out clothes from the depths of the wardrobe that are well past their sell by date.  They looked frumpy and they made me feel frumpy. 

I've found it quite hard adapting to a retired lifestyle.  When I was working I wore smart suits, dresses and high heels.  I wouldn't dream of
leaving the house in the morning without my hair styled and my makeup on.

Being at home doing housework and gardening it's more practical to be in trousers and when the weight creeps on you can hide it all with a baggy jumper.  I found the opportunities for dressing up were getting less and less and I started to feel depressed.  It's easy to slip into a downward spiral.

One of the reasons that women hang onto outdated looks is lack of money.  Most of us have to be more careful about what we spend once we are in retirement.  But there are ways that you can  update an outfit and that's with accessories.  Adding a scarf or necklace in the latest jewel or pastel colours can instantly  change the look of an outfit.

Once you start experimenting with some new looks you will start to  feel better.  If you feel good about yourself you will instantly radiate
confidence  and feel more stylish and the years will drop away leaving you looking younger. 

It doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune on designer clothes just be aware of the latest styles and fashions and find how to adapt the look
for yourself.

Looking Younger changing your Hairstyle

A new hairstyle and makeup will give you a wonderful boost of confidence and have you looking younger quicker than any other action you take and doesn't need to cost you a fortune. Look in magazines for a look that you like that will be easy to manage and take a picture of it with you to the hairdressers. I found to my cost that trying to explain a style to the hairdresser doesn't always work. Much better to have a picture for them to work from.

Your hair can make a massive difference to how you look.

Watch this video to see the transformation it can make.

Dress for the woman you are today not yesterday!

It's a difficult balancing act between growing older and looking modern, don’t fall into the trap of becoming “mutton dressed as lamb.” Wearing mini skirts and showing a lot of cleavage doesn't generally look good on an older woman.   It won’t make you look younger, you’ll simply look ridiculous and sad.

Twiggy at Marks & Spencers

If you do find jeans and trousers to be the most practical for your lifestyle then smarten them up with a nice blouse and well cut jacket when you go out.  Adding heels and jewellery will instantly transform the look to be much dressier rather than casual.

I love the skinny jeans and leggings look  with long tunic tops or even a dress over the top but the first time I tried them I didn't like them. 

I had to experiment with different tops and boots. I find the layered look quite easy and practical particularly at the end or beginning of seasons when the temperature can fluctuate. The long tops will cover your hips if you are a little conscious of them as most of us are.  Add either a short jacket or a long cardigan and a statement scarf.

Twiggy at Marks & Spencers

Changing your clothes to dress differently takes some experimenting either in store or if you prefer thanks to the internet in the privacy of your own home.  Once you find out the styles that flatter your figure it's easy to build up a couple of new outfits that you can mix and match.

When shopping for clothes don't be afraid to grab a few different styles and head to the fitting rooms to see how they look.  If you can't trust your own judgment then take a trusted friend or partner with you to give you an honest opinion.

If you haven't got anyone you can trust to go with you  engage the services of your favourite Department store's personal shopper.  They don't charge for this service and if you explain to them what you're trying to achieve i.e. looking younger and more modern they will help you by getting some outfits together for you to try.

For some excellent style tips for woman over 50 go to http://www.chicatanyage.com/

If money is tight don't be afraid to check out the charity shops particularly in the up market neighbourhoods where you can pick up the odd designer item.

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