Could someone please explain to me how any British government can have the sheer audacity to announce a new flat rate state pension for all except those born before a starting date. i.e. Baby boomers. How dare they?

I have worked full time from the age of 15 without a break, I am now 64 and still having to work full time from financial necessity.

I have paid into a pension for 46 years and yet I am now being informed that when life could be made a little easier for me at last, I count for nothing.

My neighbour, a really nice lady, has been in this country for only 3 years,age 54, she has found full time employment and will no doubt be eligible for the new rate of pension when she retires, yet I will not !!

How can this be? I certainly believe that the flat rate should go up to £144 as we have for too long been given the most miserly state pension in Europe, but every single pensioner deserves this payment, not just the chosen few.

David Cameron may think he can dismiss the Baby Boomers as of little irrelevance but he does so at his peril when it comes to the ballot box.

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Are we all living longer and are the EU driving the pension changes?

by Sandra
(Southport, Merseyside)

Many women are married to men several years older than themselves. My husband will retire at 65, and I will now have to retire at 66. Whilst my husband has another 4 years of work, I now have 11 years - instead of 4 if I were to have retired at 60.

Those of us planning to retire along with our husbands being 5 or 6 years younger than them, now face the possibility of not spending any time with our husbands as they may be dead by the time we retire.

My husband has had cancer and a heart attack, the chances of either of us living beyond our 60s, yet alone 80s or 90s is very remote indeed.

The pensions changes are the worst thing to affect our lives, and there is nothing we can do about it, it's too late.

We have paid in all our lives, myself since I was 15 years of age. We were looking forward to having some time together, not having to work. This will not happen now. I cannot express my despair.

I have e-mailed my MP, but I know the vast majority of ordinary working women like myself and of my age are being given the biggest kicking anyone could have imagined.

I do not believe we have been given enough time to make plans for retirement changes of this magnitude, we are in our latter years, there are no changes we can make. We cannot work longer hours or take on two jobs, as we are getting older, not younger!

As I say this has left me bitter, disgusted and without faith in our supposed democracy. I can never again believe anything our politicians tell us, but then is it our politicians calling the shots anymore, or is this just another EU tune we have to dance to?

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Jul 19, 2013
Yes, I agree!
by: Anonymous

I feel for you - this problem is going to hit lots of couples and in lots of ways. I am 60 in Feb, 7 months away, and also believed I would retire at 60. My husband was made redundant in his forties (although has been self employed since), making his company pension that much smaller. We planned since then that he would take his small company pension at 61, when I reach 60 and the two together - his private and my state would together be just enough to live on. He works 12 hr days and never gets a break, so I so fear for his life - his business partner died already this year at 62. Now though, I don't get my state pension until 66, when he will be 67! So we might as well wait until his state pension comes in at 65 - a year before me. my single friend is able to retire at 60 on her civil service pension, but many women don't have good private pensions. I also know of at least one woman who left work in their 50s to look after a elderly parent - on their savings, planning to stretch them until the got to 60. Now they won't get a state pension at 60, but savings have gone - what do they live on? Getting a job is not realistic at this age and not having worked for several years. As one has a house, she will get nothing by way of benefit until she sells it, its appalling!

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