How To Look Younger!

How to look younger is the quest for many baby boomer women. They refuse to grow old gracefully. In fact they are defying the model of "old age" that previous generations have followed.

Baby boomer women are bucking the trend of the old lady look with tweed suits, brogues, and grey hair.

Baby boomer women are still following the latest trends in fashion, hairstyles and makeup.

We still want to wear jeans, and high heels. We still want to pamper ourselves and invest in the latest anti-aging lotions and potions, and so we should!

More and more baby boomer women are looking for ways on how to look younger by signing on at the gym to stay slim and toned, or can be seen out walking or jogging in every park you see. They are living an active life to stay as young and healthy as possible.

Yes It's still possible to improve what you've got and look much younger than your years even in your 50's and 60's and beyond.

Age is merely a number!

How to Look Younger with Hairstyles

Meryl StreepMeryl Streep in the Lady Wears Prada

You can look 10 years younger instantly with a modern hairstyle.

Grey hair is very aging unless it is a good shade of grey and cut really well.

Remember Meryl Streep in the Devil Wears Prada?

Now that was a stunning haircut for a mature woman.

Some women give in to grey because they think once they start to colour their hair it will be too expensive to maintain but that's not true. With so many excellent products available now for self colouring at home it's easy.

Be careful when choosing a colour for home colouring. Drastic changes are best left to the professionals.

As we grow older our skin tone changes and it's usually recommended that we go up to two shades lighter than our natural colour.

Try to go for natural looking warm colours rather than funky ones. They are much more flattering against older skin.

An Aging boomer with bright red hair or jet black is not a good look! Highlights or lowlights can look good and are not as high maintenance as over all colour.

If you've always worn your hair long there's no need to feel that you have to cut your hair short. You can make it look more modern if you have some layers cut in to frame the face more.

Don't be tempted to wear your hair scraped back in a pony tail unless you're doing the housework, and unless you want to look like granny grump don't put it up in a bun.

The most important thing for looking younger is to keep your hair in good condition. Lots of conditioning and natural casual styles are best. Avoid perming as it is not only aging, it damages your hair.

If you're looking for ideas on how to look younger and you haven't changed your hairstyle for years go for a new look.

Choose a hairstyle that suits your lifestyle and is easy to manage. A good hairdresser will be able to advise you.

If you're not sure what style to go for go to the Woman and Home Magazine site where they have lots of great ideas for a new look.

If you want to change hairstyles try and take a photograph with you to show your hairdresser to make sure you get what you want.

Go on be bold. There is nothing better to give yourself a confidence boost than a new hairstyle.

How to Look Younger with Make-up.

Good skincare is essential at any age but much more important as we grow older. If you don't have the basis of skin in good condition even the most expensive makeup will not look good.

Always ensure that you remove makeup at night. Cleanser, toner and a good moisturizing night cream together with an eye cream. Regular exfoliating gets rid of dead skin cells and helps to brighten the overall appearance of your skin. It also helps the skin absorb moisturizers.

Before applying makeup in the morning apply a good serum under your moisturizer and use products with an SPF15 to help protect against sun damage. Yes even in the U.K. Once you have a soft, clear skin you will look good with the minimum of makeup.

As we age the golden rule for makeup is to use less and go for a natural look. Tinted moisturizers, or light dewy foundations if you need more coverage are best.

Avoid applying a heavy foundation on mature skin it can be very aging.

Avoid bright red lipsticks unless you have pearly white teeth. Usually soft pinks and peaches are more flattering depending on your colouring.

lady applying makeup

Accentuate your eyes by having a good eye brow shape. It not only opens up your eyes but it can also have the effect of lifting the face. Cream eye shadows or more flattering on older eyes and cream blusher on cheek bones rather than powder. Powder tends to accentuate lines and wrinkles.

Watch this video for some excellent tips on youthful makeup on mature skin

I came across a fabulous site with lots of tips and advice for mature women on how to look younger by "getting back your sparkle". All you ever need to know about looking younger.

Check it out here

How to Look Younger in Jeans!

lady in jeans

In my experience Jeans are probably the most difficult item of clothing to buy. There is such a fluctuation in size and fit. Go on admit it, don't you just hate to have to replace a pair of jeans?

As we get older it's best to avoid low slung or hipster's unless your stick thin. Go for a pair that sits on your natural waist, just below your belly button. Jeans with a bit of stretch in them are much more comfortable, but don't go for the "elasticated waist". That's definitely NOT how to look younger.

There are so many styles out there to choose from, skinny leg, flair, boot cut, straight leg even tailored. Be aware of your shape and buy what's most flattering to your figure. For most mature baby boomers boot cut or straight leg is most popular.

Style Tips:

  • Invest in a good pair that you can dress up or down. The sales or a good time to buy more expensive ones without breaking the bank.

  • Steer away from over-embellished or distressed styles. Opt for a sleek and smart pair that won't date.

  • Take your heels shopping with you to ensure you buy the right leg length. Nothing worse than a pair too short.

  • Try on styles both smaller and bigger than your usual size to find the perfect fit.
  • If you can get more than two fingers down the back go down a size.  Yes really!

How to Look Younger with High Heels

blue high heels

Don't you just love high heels?

Slipping on a pair of high heels will instantly boost your confidence, make you feel more feminine and yes make you feel young again.

Like many baby boomers I use to wear high heels all the time. Even when I worked in London and had a long walk from the tube to my office I teetered along in my high heels.

Consequently I now have arthritis in one of my big toe joints which means that it isn't as flexible as it was.

I can get the high heels on and stand up in them, I just can't walk in them.

Even so I hate to wear flat shoes unless I'm walking a lot and have to opt for comfort.

Where There's a Will There's a Way!

The Cheats Guide to High Heels

wedge sandals

Wedges are the answer girls!

Especially the platform wedges. Because you have the platform lifting the foot at the front, the heel height is reduced. It still looks high from the back, and you have the overall height, but you feel you're walking on air.

Wedges also give you stability. You're less likely to go over on wedges than you are on your stilletoes.

Kitten Heels

Kitten heels are also good because it looks like a court shoe and you have a nice dainty heel without too much height, but it's still better than flat shoes.


How to look younger in boots? - avoid the dreaded "Ugg Boots" and probably the thigh length - not a good look for over 60's.

I love boots in the winter. In the U.K. that means you can probably wear them for 9 months of the year. Ankle boots with a medium heel to wear with trousers always look good. Long Boots that come just below the knee are fabulous for wearing with skirts and dresses. If you really want to look younger wear them with Jeans tucked in.

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