Growing Old Gracefully for Dedicated Followers of Fashion

A few years ago growing old gracefully meant sensible shoes, tailored slacks if you were really daring, two piece suits, crimpilene shapeless dresses and understated jewellry. Thank goodness things have changed.

Baby boomers have always been followers of fashion.   The 60's and 70's particularly when I was in my 20-30's we saw everything from your Jackie Kennedy chanel suits, mini skirts, the mods and rockers, the midi length, the maxi, the flower power with the hippy outfits.  We had the platform shoes, the winkle pickers and high stilletoes, we even had the kitten heels.   We had the shift dresses, ski pants, the big boufant hair styles, the elfin look, the purdy.

When we entered the 80's we saw power dressing with the shoulder pads and big hair again. 

Take a look at this video to remind yourself. 

Women's fashions: year by year: 1949-1980

It's no surprise that we've seen most fashions come and go more than once but if you want to do growing old gracefully they say (the fashion stylists) if you wore something first time around then you shouldn't wear it second time around but I'm going to disagree.

Not that I'm a fashion stylist but lots of my peers are wearing the retro fashions that are coming back around by doing things a little differently and having some fun with them.

Growing old gracefully is all about looking younger and on trend without looking like "mutton dressed as lamb".  My mother used to call it 'looking common'.

Growing old gracefully with the latest hair styles!

Helen MirrenHelen Mirren

Let's start with the hair lucky for us a lot of the styles that are coming back in fashion we've done before.  Look at how good Helen Mirren looks with a choppy hairstyle with just a little back combing, too much and it will look over the  top,  just right and it gives height and volume.  Very flattering.

The bob always seems to be in fashion, my hairdresser tells me there is a bob to suit everyone whether you want long or short.  At our age we've usually found what suits us best and what's easy to manage. 

Colour seems to be the main problem, do we let natural take over and go grey or do we colour it.  Difficult to judge.  Grey hair can look great if it's cut into a really good shape and brightened so its not dull and flat.  If you decide to colour you should go up to 2 shades lighter than your natural colour.  What about going blonde instead of grey? 

As we age our skin changes and what may have looked good in our 30's and 40's doesn't work so well in our 50's and 60's.  Experiment with your look until you find something that makes you not only look good but feel good.  At the end of the day it's personal choice.

The Makeup

Make up is hard to get right when your skin is showing the signs of ageing and of course we would all like to look like Helen Mirren but note the accent is on the eyes. 

Subtle shades of eye shadow and a fan of eyelashes worked to show off Jane's piercing blue eyes. She has just a gentle sweep of apricot-hued blusher and rose pink glossed lips that completed a knock-out look.  Not too much and very natural looking. 

Sometimes we think that piling on the make-up is going to cover the signs of ageing but it has the opposite effect.  If you want to do growing old gracefully then go for a more natural look.

The Dresses


I love that so many dresses are back in fashion.  For so many years the dress seemed to be out of favour.  I love the shift dresses they are very flattering to most shapes.  If you feel it's too short wear it over leggings with heels.

If you don't want to bare your arms then wear it with one of the fashionable shrugs or cardigans that are also back on trend.

The Skinny Jeans

Twiggy in skinny jeans and blazer

Can a 60+ woman really do skinny jeans while trying to look as though she's growing old gracefully?   Yes if you're lucky enough to be reasonably slim  and if you follow some basic rules.

Wear them with a longer top that covers your hips.  If you want to look casual wear with flat pumps.  But you can also rev them up a bit and make them look more dressy if you wear them with one of the many blazers that are back and a pair of heels.

In the winter months wear with boots either ankle or just below the knee.  Behave yourself and stay away from the 'thigh high'.  Sorry to say it's not a good look for ageing baby boomers only your daughters!

The Blazer


It's always a good investment to have two or three good jackets in your wardrobe.  Try to buy jackets in the sales when you can usually pick up a few bargains.

However the new summer blazers are not expensive, some of them are as cheap as buying a cardigan but will make you look much more stylish.

Be daring and wear one of the lovely patterned ones with some  plain coloured skinny jeans, add some wedges or heels.

The Shoes

casual slipper shoes

With shoes there is just about every style and shape in fashion which means you can be in fashion and comfortable without looking frumpy.

Look at these lovely slipper shoes very on trend.  Wedges and kitten heels are still in.  If you want a look that says I'm growing old gracefully then don't do ridiculously high heels with huge platforms.

There's absolutely no need to put your life in danger (o.k. slight exageration!) to look fashionable as just about every shape, heel height and style is on trend.  So just choose something which is comfortable that you can walk safely in with a smile on your face.   When your feet hurt it shows in your face.

Remember shoes can make or break an outfit.  No delicate floaty
dresses with brogues!

The Jewellery


The new statement necklaces are a great camoflage for covering up a crepey d√©colletage or chest.  They can instantly lift an every day outfit and make it look a bit special. I love ear rings and bangles, what about you? 

Statement jewellery can be bought quite cheaply in most high street stores and will immediately make you look bang on trend without spending a lot of money.


If you haven't got much money to spend on clothes then  accessories are a good option.   Buy a bright on trend coloured scarf it's amazing how it can lift a wardrobe staple to another dimension.

There's floaty scarves to make you feel glamorous, casual scarves to wear with 't' shirts and jeans and of course big scarves to keep you warm in winter.   Scarves and belts are always good additions to make things look different.  There is such a choice of accessories on the high street without spending loads of money. 

For the Baby boomers growing old gracefully needn't mean boring and frumpy but daring and snazzy, re-defining old age. Be bold and have some fun!

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