Fun Hobbies for Those Seeking Adventure!

If you're a baby boomer looking for some fun hobbies that are going to give you a challenge then we have a few in mind.

If You're still blessed with good health and you've always been a bit of a dare devil why should you be any different in your retirement.

Now is the time to do those things still on your list that you've not had a go at yet. Don't let age be a barrier to you fulfilling your dream.

Hot Air Ballooning

Hot Air Ballooning

If you're looking for a real hot air balloon adventure then it's right here.

Flying in a hot air balloon is an amazing experience, definitely one of those fun hobbies you’ll remember forever. Ballooning is both serene and thrilling, offering breathtaking views and a feeling of freedom which is totally unique.

The experience starts with a passenger greeting, followed by the inflation of the balloon. This is great fun to watch, with passengers and spectators often invited to join in whilst cold air is blown into the balloon and then heated. Just before climbing into the basket, it's time for the pilot briefing and once everyone is settled (and with cameras at the ready) it's time for take off.

Gently, with the hot air lifting the balloon off the ground, you'll will drift skywards and, as you watch the ground slowly drop away, friends and family down below soon look like little ant-sized people. Your familiar towns become toy towns and the rolling countryside becomes a glorious patchwork quilt of seasonal colours as you climb to an altitude of up to 3,000ft.

You will be airborne in the balloon for about an hour, depending on weather conditions and, yes it is true that the pilot never really knows precisely where you will land - but fear not, the ground crew are in radio contact with the pilot and follow the balloon to the safe landing spot!

The pilot can control altitude by using the gas burner to control the temperature of the hot air in the balloon and often a change of height can result in a change of direction. Essentially you are being carried by the wind like a dandelion seed!

Fancy a trip for yourself or want to buy one as a gift for someone special. It will be a trip of a lifetime. With locations throughout the U.K. to chose from there will be one not far from you.

You can choose a balloon flight to be any time of the day from dawn to dusk on a weekday or weekend. You can even have a romantic balloon ride for two!

To find out more Intotheblue Balloon Flights


Flying Lessons could definitely be classed as one of those fun hobbies!

Learning to Fly

Are you a baby boomer that has always fancied yourself as a pilot but never got round to doing anything about it? Perhaps now is the time book yourself on a taster lesson in a training aircraft from a CAA approved school, with venues available nationwide.

Is this the ultimate fun hobbies experience?

If you've never flown in a private plane before, here's your chance to climb aboard these two seater light aircraft and sit up front, right beside the pilot. I've been assured that it really is a whole different world to scrambling for your seat on the average low-cost airline - you'll feel like a flying VIP!

Your experience will start with a safety briefing and being shown round the plane before you taxi off. Once airborne, you'll have the chance to take the controls for a few minutes and you will be flying.

Your flight will be approximately 20mins long. Once back down on terra firma, you may be presented with a certificate of achievement, but one thing is for sure, you'll be smiling from ear to ear. Check out the different flying experiences you can have.

Intotheblue Flying Lessons

Climbing and Abseiling are considered fun hobbies!

Climbing and Abseiling

Is climbing your thing? Make sure you have some expert tuition with experienced instructors. Perhaps you can take the grandchildren along!

Exhilarating ascents and breathtaking descents are the order of the day as you harness up, hook up and get climbing! But as in the age old saying 'what goes up must come down', you will not only be learning about the great sport of climbing, but also just how to descend after you've conquered!

A great day out for all the family. Who knows, you might discover a new sport you become passionate about that's out in the fresh air and doesn't cost a fortune!

To find out more go to

Climbing and Abseiling

Perhaps Scuba Diving is one of your fun hobbies

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving lessons are an ideal introduction to the fascinating underwater world of diving. Of course fun hobbies can be dangerous, but here you will be able to 'have a go' in a safe, controlled environment at one of many scuba centres throughout England.

All diving instructors have all the PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) qualifications to ensure you are well looked after both in and out of the water. All dive gear, such as masks and diving regulators are provided. During your scuba diving course, you'll master some of the basic diving concepts and scuba skills such as hand signals and use of equipment.

If you've only ever done snorkelling with flippers before, you'll soon appreciate how learning to scuba dive at a proper diving school can open up a whole new world of underwater breathing!

Once you get the hang of it, you'll enjoy the exhilaration of the feeling of weightlessness (diver types talk of buoyancy!), whilst breathing under water using the mouthpiece that connects to dive tanks. These discover scuba diving lessons give you plenty of time to put into practice your new found skills in the pool.

For those who take to the water sport like a duck to water (excuse the pun!), these discover scuba diving lessons can count towards further diving courses if you fancy taking up scuba diving as a hobby. Once you have your PADI diver qualification, you'll be itching to do open water diving, wreck diving and even reef diving.

For more information:

Scuba Diving

Fun Hobbies could include Clay Pigeon Shooting

Clay pigeon shooting

Perhaps you'd enjoy something a little more sedate. Staying cool, calm and collected is the name of the game while on a clay shoot. Clay pigeon shooting is a thrilling experience, demanding concentration, a keen eye and quick reactions. Waiting with the finger on the trigger, you'll feel your heart pounding as you wait for the trap to release your target. Aim, fire and hit!

And just in case you were wondering, we're talking clay targets here, so you won't even rustle the feathers of any real pigeons. Clay pigeon shooting is something you can enjoy regularly in your own locality or book a week away to experience the thrill.

To find out more:

Clay Pigeon Shooting

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