ex "My thoughts on pension Proposals"

by Maureen Richardson
(Wirral, Merseyside, England)

These changes are all very well but will they help those already drawing pensions. I have 20 years full stamps paid and about 12 years married woman's stamp, which I continued to pay not knowing then how much loss this would mean to me.

Since 1977/78 many women were given stamp credits of full stamps whilst they brought up their children, and resulted in many women either receiving or about to receive pensions based on many years of no work contribution.

I feel discriminated against and expected to manage on a low pension with no chance of making up the "married woman" years. I have actually paid in a lot more than some women who are getting higher pensions for not contributing anywhere near as much as I did.

We are still "alive" and having to pay the same gas and electric etc., as everyone else, so should be allowed to buy back missing years (the same as the people on full stamps have) if not, we should be given a living wage pension.

Also too much of our pension allowance has gone abroad to people who have spent most of their adult life living abroad, and for a very small payment to make up stamps have been given a full pension on retirement. How ridiculous is that (ie) 2 years payments 40 years ago. Then a full English pension on retirement.

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Jun 05, 2013
my thoughts on pension reform
by: sharol rasmussen

Unfortunately, I feel all our us, the world over, are going to suffer. I feel very strongly, that either our pensions won't be there for us when we need them, or they will be so whittled down by inflation, that they won't be worth much.
I feel many of us boomers are going to have to sell our homes, downsize as much as possible, or have same age roommates so we can all enjoy a higher standard of living, by splitting costs.
Perhaps, we may need to move out of the expensive cities, and move to the countryside. We need to learn to barter, to do as much as we can without money, but it looks like it won't be there for us. We can learn to can, grow our own food, become vegetarians, cut our own hair, trade our skills for what we need.
We're in a new world, and it's not a good one....We need to radically change our ways now, before it's too late, and we get swept away by this sea of change. No debt, living within our means, and owning some silver, should be our motto. We can get through this, we need to stand up, and get moving......

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