Will the Brexit Saga make or break the  UK?

Why has brexit turned into the 'Brexit Saga'?

I try to stay away from politics on my website but what is unfolding in the UK at this moment in time is history in the making. What happens in the brexit saga over the next few days according to our PM  "will define the Country's future for our children and grandchildren".

I'm sure I don't need to spell it out to anyone who is reading this outside the UK but for the last two years our Prime Minister Theresa May and her Government have been given the task of getting us out of the EU following an overall vote of  52.5% in favour of leaving and Yes I was one of those. 

Whether you were for or against the vote to leave it was a clear indication of the task ahead for the Government. They are expected to honour the wishes of the people.

Unfortunately there are those who voted remain that cannot accept the decision the citizens of the UK made and right from the start have been out to sabotage the outcome of the process at every opportunity.   There are also a lot of disillusioned optimists  out there that said they would support the decision  providing they got the terms of agreement on a whole host of complicated issues they wanted.  No wonder we now have a 'Brexit Saga'.

Well surprise, surprise, you can't please all of the people all of the time!

A call for a second referendum

There is a continual call for a 2nd Referendum in the Brexit Saga from the 'remainers'. 


If it had been a General Election and the opposing party had won even with a minority of 2.5% I'm sure they wouldn't concede to a 2nd General Election.

Thankfully at the moment the PM is adamant there will be no 2nd referendum although as we've seen in the past anything can change in a day in politics.

The causes for concern

I can't get into a debate on the actual proposed brexit deal that has been agreed with the EU as it is far too complex and I acknowledge I'm not qualified to do so.   It seems the main sticking point is the Irish Border problem now referred to as the Irish backstop  and the effect of brexit in general on the future economy.

All I know is that I and many of my fellow citizens voted to leave because we don't like the power that is being wielded by the EU and the way that Brussels is making all the rules and regulations on what we can and cannot do in our own Country. 

The  concerns myself and many of my contemporaries have now is the fact that our Politicians have turned our exit from the EU into a Brexit Saga  which we are all extremely frustrated with. 

The real reason for the 'Brexit Saga'

The real reason this whole process has turned into a  Brexit Saga is the behaviour of Political Leaders both in the UK and those in the EU.

Whether you like Theresa May or not she is the PM and deserves respect and support from at least her own party.   I'm surprised she's still standing because if it had been anyone else  I'm sure they would have run for the hills like the previous Prime Minister did.

You may not agree with the deal on the table but surely you have to acknowledge she has taken on an enormous challenge and she is showing considerable resilience, determination, courage and dignity in her negotiations  unlike the 27 EU Politicians who have shown her little or no respect and have actually snubbed her on occasions. She has even been deserted by two Brexit Secretaries who were supposed to be helping her with the negotiations.

It seems to me that she is doing all she can to strive towards a deal in this brexit saga  that is acceptable to everyone.  Although the nearer the deadline we get it seems an impossibility as the EU continue to be unmoving with their demands and each political party has their own agenda and is not prepared to compromise.

What I find unacceptable is that every time she reports on any progress in negotiation's she is being threatened with votes of no confidence and being stabbed in the back by her own party leaders who are plotting against her with secret meetings and lobbying of fellow MP's.

At the same time no-one else has come up with any sensible alternative solution.  It seems that we only have three options:

  1. Agree a compromise with the hope that we can improve on it in the transition period.
  2. Crash out without a deal at all which many favour but at what consequence?  or
  3. Scrap the whole thing and be trapped in the EU forever which would be a disaster.

What I fear is that our selfish politicians are not putting the future of our country first but their own personal ambitions and they do not deserve to be re-elected if they can't be loyal and support their Leader in the most difficult of negotiations probably since the War.

Do we want a banana republic?

Dan Hodges has written an excellent article in Sunday's  Mail  entitled "The question for Tory MPs is:

Do you want to turn Britain into a banana republic?

He says .............."it's not about Brexit any more.  The issue facing Conservative MPs is whether they remain custodians of a mature parliamentary democracy, or turn Britain into a banana republic.

A republic whose self-obsessed, entitled rulers discard the traditional virtues of courage, dignity and public-service in favour of their preferred vices - self-indulgence, petulance and duplicity".

Good on you Dan I couldn't put it any better myself.

(Click on the link above to read the full article)

Our grandchildren's future!

It  is the message of so called leaders in all parties that they are giving to our children and grandchildren.  They are certainly not the role models that we want future generations to follow.

How can our young people  be expected to learn that the qualities of perseverance, honesty, loyalty and integrity are vital if they wish to achieve their goals when all they see is a bunch of politicians back stabbing their Leader and each other indulging in the type of behaviour one would expect to see in the school playground.  It's time they grew up and realise this is not a game this is going to effect the lives of everyone in the United Kingdom.

A message to the custodians of our parliamentary democracy.

NB: note the word UNITED in United Kingdom and

Don't expect my vote if you mess  it up for your own selfish gain!

What are your views on the Brexit Saga?

Share your views with other baby boomers on Brexit.

Do you think the PM is doing a good job?

What do you think of the deal on the table?

What are your views on our Politicians or your general view on Brexit?

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