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The best vacations for baby boomers in retirement. Tips and advice for different types of holidays to enjoy whether you're alone or a couple.

Have you noticed how our idea of a great holiday changes as we grow older?

As baby boomers in our 20's we wanted sun, sea, and sangria. It had to be cheap, hot and lively.

Then along came the children and the best vacations seemed to be the seaside resorts at home that needed to offer value for money, plenty of things for the kids to do whatever the weather and no foreign foods to upset delicate tummies.

As we climbed up the career ladder it became a competition amongst our friends to see who could afford the best vacations which by then were exotic holidays usually longhaul and very expensive.

Because we were all exhausted from working long hours we mostly just wanted to crash out on a beach somewhere or by a pool and hardly moved from the resort we landed in.

In the winter months, some of us would embark on ski-ing holidays and pose on the slopes. It never had much appeal to me personally as I hate the cold and I can't think of anything worse, but I know many people who enjoyed the exhilaration of the sport, coupled with the beautiful scenery and the socializing that ski-ing can offer.

Now in our 50's and 60's the best vacations are usually a mixture of taking it easy with a bit of sight seeing. We're probably open to experiencing some of the local culture and even perhaps seeking a little adventure or challenge before it becomes too late.

I did paragliding off a beach in Corfu when I was in my 50's and thought I was very daring and brave. It was a wonderful and exhilarating experience but I'm not sure it would have the same appeal now ten years on!

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Of course everyone's best vacation idea is probably different. Some of us enjoy being somewhere quiet and off the beaten track while others prefer the hustle and bustle of busy holiday resorts or city sightseeing trips.

Travel has never been easier and many of us think nothing of travelling to the other side of the world now.

Our idea of the best vacations change as our circumstances change. What we might have enjoyed as a couple doesn't have the same appeal if we suddenly find ourselves alone.

What we might have enjoyed as a family with the children is suddenly not quite as appealing when our children have flown the nest. I've never enjoyed other people's children as much as my own!

When we were working we probably wanted and needed holidays that were at least a week long, to re-charge our batteries, two if we could stretch to it.

In retirement it's sometimes better to have more short breaks to look forward to and spread them throughout the year, and save the longer breaks for special celebration holidays.

If you're struggling for inspiration and looking to try something different consider some of the options:

  • All inclusive travel deals
  • Singles Vacations
  • Cruise Ship Vacations
  • Activity Holidays
  • Tailor Made Holidays

All Inclusive Travel Deals

All inclusive travel deals are becoming very popular as they can help people to budget, and removes the need to take lots of local currency with you. Holidays are advertised as having everything included in the price you pay up front, from your accommodation, travel, food and yes even your drinks at the bar. But are they really good value for money?

Best Vacations for Single Travellers

You don't have to be single to want to go on holiday alone. Sometimes couples want a break from each other or friends and family may not be available to accompany you when you want to have a break.   There are lots of  vacations for people travelling solo where you can enjoy the company of like minded people.

Cruise Ship Vacations

Cruise ship vacations come in all shapes and sizes. Don't just think that all  cruises are ocean cruises.   River cruises are becoming very popular.

There are also canal cruises and cruises on lakes, adventure cruises and beautiful cruises around the Norwegian Fjords. Look at the Star Clipper isn't she wonderful!

Activity Holidays

Activity holidays can be great if you enjoy something specific and would like to enjoy a holiday with like minded people. We take a tour of some of the best vacations which have a theme to them whether it's doing something you already enjoy such as walking or sailing or where you can learn new skills such as learning a new language, or how to draw or paint, or learn about wine or how to cook.

Tailor Made Holidays

If you want to be really adventurous and tailor your own holiday you may want to consider using the services of a Tour Operator. Find out the benefits of using a Tour Operator rather than trying to get the best deals on everything yourself.

If you're still looking for inspiration after exploring these pages, an excellent source of travel advice for the over 50's is Silver Travel

Here you will find impartial holiday reviews, hotel reviews, cruise reviews, travel tour reviews, and useful trip advice especially for Silver Travellers. I think that's us, the baby boomers!

What's Your Best Vacation?

Perhaps you've got a best vacation pearl where you've had a really special holiday that you would like to share with us. Where was it? What kind of holiday was it? Was it for a special occasion? Was it a favourite place that you never tire of going to. Was it a "once in a life time trip".

We want to hear about it and if you have some photographs to share that would be even better.

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