My thoughts & how it will affect us on Pension Proposals

by David

So the proposal is that if you have not contributed you get nothing.

Despite me working and contributing for 45 years. My wife, who is 2 years older than me and already of pensionable age (63) but must wait until I am 65, does not have enough contributions to secure her own pension but would have received a pension based on my contributions. If I had received my pension and subsequently died, she would continue to receive a pension still based on my contributions.

Under the new proposals, should I die, my wife will no longer receive a pension and will receive nothing. So how is she expected to live if she outlives me? Is she to curl up and die?

Now I suppose you can say that is only fair that all should contribute. However, what of those who have never contributed that arrive at our shores and getting benefits despite contributing nothing.

Under the new proposals you need only contribute up to 30 years. So what of my 45 and a further 2 before my retirement in 2017. The changes mean that my wife will never get a pension and furthermore, expected to live on fresh air. Yet what of my extra 17 years of contributions?

The new proposals are a scam to reduce public spending and as always, taking it from those that can least afford it. The government have again moved the goal posts.

And my wife? How does that make her feel despite staying at home and raising a family none of whom have ever received benefits? - Worthless and frightened that I am going to die before her.

I hope they are not expecting my vote!

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State pension proposals a breach of the law of equal rights!

by Sandie Blickem

My thoughts on pension proposals are that if the Government changes the amount of the state pension and do not include all pensioners that would be in breach of the law of equal rights.

On a personal note, I have tried to get answers for a year and a half from HMRC, DWP, the pensions minister plus ALL advisory agencies regarding two issues that caused a loss of four years in my qualifying years.

I go round in circles with no one prepared to properly investigate! This type of non-response raises suspicion. How many others, mainly women, have a shortfall that hasn't been rectified? Mine is due to the substitution rules for ex-wives who'd lost years due to caring duties.

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Aug 06, 2013
Discrimination of pensioners
by: valerie from kent

I definatley agree with sandie from cambridge.

it is discriminating against all pensioners and surely must be against Human Rights.

We cant let this situation carry on . everyone who will be affected by this outragious proposal. should keep on lobbying against it.

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State pension - "A Welfare Benefit"? Hmm.

by J

Is it just me, or has anyone else picked up on the fact that the political parties, in particular Labour, are now trying to categorize the state pension as a "benefit" that is the same as all other benefits eg child benefit, child tax credits etc, so they can justify stealing yet more of our money?

There is a very important difference in that YOU HAVE TO PAY NI FOR A LONG TIME (and they keep changing the rules, which is another gripe) TO QUALIFY FOR A FULL STATE PENSION. You do not have to pay a penny into the system, to qualify for most other benefits eg child benefit, tax credits etc.

In addition: EVERYONE GETS OLD, THERE IS NO CHOICE IN THE MATTER. So we are now to be penalised for getting old, which is inevitable and irreversible. On the other hand people DO have a choice about having children, what job they choose to do, and they expect to receive money from the state to support these choices.

PENSIONERS CANNOT JUST INCREASE THEIR INCOME in the same way that younger people can.

In addition - how can anyone justify paying benefits such as child tax credit, to people earning £50k a year, when they are trying to justify capping the state pension? Some of the poorest people in the country are pensioners struggling to exist on the meagre state pension.

Politicians beware - you've already alienated us over the unfairness of the new flat rate pension which will create a 2 tier system. Tread very carefully indeed.

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My thoughts on pension proposals

by Tommy

I am a welder who left school at 16 and am just coming up to 62 and am very worried about the new pension proposals. Because I've very rarely had a contract lasting more than 1year I have never been eligible to join a private pension and decided to rely on the state pension.

I have never opted out of the state "serps" scheme I have paid my way, by the time I get my pension I will have 50 years contributions (I paid £3582 in N.I. contributions last year). my last pension forecast was £197.70 but there will be a further 4 years to add to this figure.

The Government have promised to pay serps until 2017 this means I will just scrape in and get serps. However the last budget proposes to bring the "fair system to the workers" forward by 12 months meaning my pension (on todays estimates) will be down by £53+ per week. That is going to be the difference that me and my wife will go down from "getting by to scrimping" I feel really let down.

Obviously this proposal will be good news for the self employed and women who had time off raising families and I'm glad for them. When my wife retired we had to take a gamble, and paid over £4500 in missing contributions from our savings so she gets about £30 a week less than the fair pension.

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