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June 2016

It's 'OUT'

Greetings Babyboomers'

Here in the UK we have just witnessed another momentous happening in our chequered lifetime.  A decision which will certainly change the course of events in our Country and could influence other Countries.

The Politicians invited us to give our decision and now they berate us for bringing the Country to its knees and destroying its future by the decision we gave them.  

Many babyboomers remember a life  before the EU and no doubt life  will carry on after the EU.  The dice has been thrown and the decision made.  There's no turning back we have to go forward into a new tormorrow.

None of us know what lies ahead and for sure it will take some time for things to stablise but the most important thing is that we have to stop the hate and anger which has become prevelant in our Country over the last few years.

We have the North and South divide of the Country, we have the old and the young generations tearing into each other casting blame on each other for the lack of respect, jobs, houses, doctors, etc.

We have to work together now to ensure that this will be a positive thing for the 'United Kingdom'. Scotland seeking independence, is not the answer.  We need to put the 'United! back into Britain.

It could be an exciting time ahead that will open up Global opportunities rather than just Europe.  Hopefully the Politicians here and in Europe will find an amicable agreement that will suit us all.

There is too much negativity in the press and the media which is only adding to the panic in the financial institutions around the globe.

Two articles have caught my attention the first is

Millennials' 'fury' over baby boomers’ vote for Brexit

by Adam Boult for the Telegraph:

"Younger votes have taken to social media to express anger at baby boomers who they blame for securing a Leave vote in the EU referendum.

According to the last YouGov poll before the referendum, 72% of 18 to 24-year-olds were in favour of a Remain vote, while just 19% backed Brexit.

In contrast, 34% of pensioners were in favour of Remain, while 59% favoured Brexit.

In the final count the East coast areas that scored the highest anti-Eu votes were also the areas with the highest pensioner populace.

Just two of the top thirty areas for over-65s voted to Remain - South Lakeland in the North West and South Hams in the South West.

With all polls showing that support for Brexit was significantly higher among those aged 55 and above, the inter-generational divide has seen large numbers of millennials apportion blame to older voters for what some describe as a ‘betrayal’......"

Click here to read the full article

Isn't  it strange the way we babyboomers get blamed for everything that is wrong in the younger generations world?

The second article by Linda Grant in the Guardian from a different perspective.

Don’t blame all babyboomers for Brexit

I didn’t personally vote in the 1975 referendum on what we then called the common market, though a vote was fraudulently cast in my name.

In the middle of university finals I was barely aware of what the common market was, let alone that there was a referendum about it. I answered the door to a member of the International Socialists – the precursor to the Socialist Workers party – who said they’d heard I wasn’t voting and could they have my polling card to vote in my place.

They would vote no on my behalf because the common market was a businessmen’s club, a noose of capitalism tightening round the throats of the working class. Yeah, whatever, I would have said, if that word had then its current meaning of an indifferent shrug.

Forty-one years later I spent a Thursday night in sleepless dread and nausea, tipped into hellish stomach-clenching anxiety by Sunderland’s 60-40 vote for Brexit. Dread for the economy, our political system and for the future of young family members.

Click here to read the full article

Which one will you resonate with?

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