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Babyboomer articles reflecting  the reality of the life of the babyboomer generation in retirement and the challenges they face.

Preparing for Retirement

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When preparing for retirement it's not just the financial planning that has to be taken into account. This is a new phase of your life beginning, it's huge yet so many of us drift into it without giving it much thought. - Read more at: Preparing for Retirement.

When to Retire?

Mum and Dad's Bank

A recent article caught my eye in the 'Mail on Sunday' written by Anna Moore. It was titled 'Is the bank of M & D about to Crash? She warns that with the cost of bailing out our adult children rocketing, the Bank of Mum Dad is staying open longer ... but many parents are putting their own security at risk.' - Read more at: When to Retire?

Elderly Home Care Costs - Could Homesharing be a Solution?

The cost of elderly home care is soaring and the quality of the delivery of care is also a worry so I was particularly interested in a new
initiative that has been introduced in the UK called "Homesharing". - Read more at: Elderly-home-care.

Babyboomer Divorce Rate Soaring!

We are being called the "silver splitters", or grey divorcees. We were the generation that seemed to have it all but we're still searching for that elusive magic called "happiness" even in retirement. - Read more: Babyboomer Divorce Rate Soaring!

Caution -  Baby boomer retirement can cause boredom! -

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Baby boomer retirement may turn out to be disappointing according to a recent survey carried out by one of the UK's leading Building Societies. 

It seems that even for those that have been planning and dreaming about their retirement for years can quickly become disillusioned with retirement. - Read more: Babyboomer retirement can cause boredom!

Dealing with Loneliness in Retirement

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There has been various reports in the press recently about dealing with loneliness.  Research carried out by the relationship support organization Relate revealed that nearly one in 10 people said they do not have a single close friend and almost one in five rarely or never feeling loved in the two weeks before the survey. - Read more Dealing with Loneliness.

The Golden Rules for Living a Good Life!


What would your golden rules for living a good life be if you were asked  to advise the younger generation stepping out today on life's adventure?  Read more  The 50 Golden Oldie Rules for Living a Good Life

Babyboomer Wealth Gap – Are they Kidding?

A recent  study carried out reveals a babyboomer wealth gap.  The report carried out by the  Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS) has found that 8 out 10 babyboomer couples  who have had the privilege of enjoying the long decades of post war prosperity with the support of the welfare state, generous occupational pensions and soaring house values  are better off in retirement than when they were working! 

Read more Babyboomer Wealth Gap

Boomarang Generation - Adult Children returning to live with Mum and Dad

We seem to be in the grip of a Boomarang Generation - the adult children who return to live with Mum and Dad.   Ive seen it with various friends when their children have returned home for short periods of time usually following a divorce or loss of employment resulting in no longer being able to pay the rent or the mortgage. But I never dreamt that in retirement at the age of 70 I would be faced with taking my homeless and penniless son in.

Read more - Boomarang Generation

5 Regrets of the Dying 5 regrets of the dying............ sounds a bit morbid to talk about dying but this article is actually rather inspiring.    Make sure by the time it's your turn to go you have no regrets instead  leave feeling you have lived a full and enriched life.

Read more:  5 Regrets of the Dying

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