Caution -  Baby boomer retirement can cause boredom!

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Baby boomer retirement proves to be disappointing for some with the average retiree becoming bored after 10 months according to a recent survey carried out by one of the UK's leading Building Societies. 

It seems that even for those that have been planning and dreaming about their retirement for years can quickly become disillusioned with retirement.

The study found that the first few months of retirement are crammed with lots of activities from visiting friends and family, doing a bit of travelling, and getting stuck into new hobbies and interests.

But the retirement glow starts to fade in less than a year with the average retiree reporting they felt bored after only ten months.

Baby boomer retirement is no longer something that happens at a set age like our parent's generation.

With the pension age reform it means that baby boomers now have various choices and options they can make.   Employers are more likely to consider letting older workers stay on for as long as they want to providing the work is suitable and the employee is fit enough.

The ideal baby boomer retirement would be to  enjoy good health, to have a good pension income, a sizeable chunk of savings in the bank and to be generally happy with our lot - but that might not be the reality for most of us without the right approach.

Despite anticipating retirement for many years the study showed that many people struggle to adjust to their new existence that's free of structure. 

Many retiree's report a feeling of being unproductive or that they're wasting their accumlated career knowledge.  Ten months in and
many feel their retirement isn't as good as they expected it to be.

The study showed that before retirement respondents reported looking forward to having lots of free time to pursue personal hobbies and interests, meet up with family and friends and embark on lots of holidays.

But the report found despite looking forward to the days when they didn't have to clock on at 9.00 a.m. when it comes down to it most people miss their place of work and many find that baby boomer retirement is not all it promised.

10 Things Retirees say they miss about the world of work

  1. I miss the camaraderie at work
  2. The novelty of being at home wears off
  3. I'm bored
  4. My mind isn't being pushed
  5. I don't have as much disposable income as I thought
  6. You get used to it
  7. Everyday seems the same
  8. I didn't have friends who had retired
  9. The nice weather ended and I had to spend more time indoors
  10. I was lonely.

Many of the retirees felt they were still capable of completing a full time job, while others said they found it hard to cope without their monthly salary.

What's the ideal solution for Baby boomer retirement?

If you have the option it seems the ideal solution is to continue working as long as you feel fit and capable reducing your hours gradually so that the final departure from a working life and monthly salary cheque is a much easier transition.

Making the decision of when to retire will probably be deferred by many baby boomers for a variety of reasons.

Those who don't have the option to carry on working because of redudancy or long term unemployment can gain a great deal of satisfaction from volunteer work or starting some kind of home business to create both an inome and an interest.

It's clear that we all need a reason to feel wanted and appreciated and there's no reason why we shouldn't continue to contribute to the world in different ways.

We are entering into unprecedented times when it's possible to carry on living after retirement for as many years as we actually worked.   We have to find ways of providing both the financial resources and the mental stimulation to make the retirement experience an enjoyable one.

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