Assisted Living Apartments Retain Your Independence

Assisted Living developments

Assisted living apartments offer continued independent living but with a little extra help.

We all want to remain in our own home as long as we can and baby boomers will be no exception to this. The thought of having to give up our home and live in a community home or nursing home is enough to have us reach for the anti-depressants.

Unfortunately failing health and mobility problems can make it difficult for us to manage in our own homes, particularly if we live alone.

Assisted living apartments are similar to retirement apartments. You still have your own apartment which you own so your capital is still invested, and you furnish it and decorate it as you please because it's your own home.

The apartment will be within a retirement development that offers additional facilities to that of ordinary retirement apartments.

Like retirement apartments, they will offer the services of a house manager, laundry facilities and maintenance of all communal areas such as resident lounges and gardens. They also offer a programme of social activities.

Facilities will vary between developments, but usually there will be a restaurant or dining room where residents can have their meals provided, taking away the worry of shopping and cooking.

Additionally there will also be a certain amount of personal care offered as part of the package where residents can receive help with washing and dressing.

Additional hours can be provided to meet the changing individual needs of residents in the form of domestic and personal care services. Sometimes these will be provided by an on site team and sometimes they will have to be purchased from off site home care providers. This will vary across different types of developments.

Assisted living can bridge the gap between independent living and having to go into full time residential care which is expensive and for many the loss of independence will not appeal. A tailored care package that helps residents to stay in their own home has got to be a better alternative.

It is a good choice for couples where one is frail from illness or mobility problems needing more help and assistance than the other one can give alone. The alternative is usually couples being split up when one has to go into residential care and the other is left at home, neither being particuarly happy.

Baby boomers who have elderly parents who are becoming frail and live a distance away could be re-assured knowing that their loved ones have the support and care they need.

Rented Assisted Living Apartments

For those who don't wish to purchase or don't have the funds to purchase their own apartments local Housing Associations have assisted living apartments and bungalows to rent.

You can get information about developments in your local areas by contacting your local Council who will put you in touch with the relevant Housing Associations.

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