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How did Babyboomers Retiring come about?

Born in 1946 I'm a true baby boomer reaching my 65th birthday during 2011 like the other 650,000 baby boomers in the U.K. Even my name is typical of that era, Patricia (Pat to my friends).

You're probably wondering why someone like me would want to do a site about retirement.

I spent a considerable part of my working life as a Training and Development Manager for a large corporate organization. One of the perks of my job was to organise pre-retirement courses for employees two to three years before their due retirement age.

The courses were run twice a year when we took employees out of the workplace environment with their partners to a seaside holiday camp in Devon for 5 days. I bet they don't get that now!

We engaged various speakers to deliver seminars on pensions, investments, savings, inheritance tax, wills and power of attorneys. We offered opportunities to try, golf lessons, bowls, art classes and various hobbies and crafts.

As you can imagine the courses were very popular and I had the privilege of a week away from the office enjoying myself. It's not surprising then that I became quite knowledgeable on many of the subjects. We won't mention the golf lessons!

Three Life Changing Events!

So there I was at the peak of my career, good job, final salary pension scheme and looking forward to a nice retirement at 65 or so I thought. What could possibly go wrong!

Redundancy was the first bomb shell at 55 years old. Not a good time of life to lose your job and the expected pension pot planned for on retirement. However we baby boomers are not to be beaten. I had good skills and a network of contacts so I seized the opportunity to become self employed.

All went well for a while then the unthinkable happened that none of us can bear to think about.  My Father died, just a few months after moving 120 miles to be nearer to me and my family.  This left mum living somewhere new with few friends and totally reliant on me, as my sister lives in Greece.

18 months after my father died my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimers. Suddenly I was faced with caring for mum and looking after all of her affairs, while trying to work. During the six years mum was ill I fought a constant battle to get the help and support she needed.

By the time mum died in 2008 I had learnt how the system worked and knew exactly what was available to her in the way of personal care and benefits.

I also learnt a tremendous amount at first hand about the effects of Alzheimers, not only on the patient but on the immediate family. If only I'd had that information at the beginning of her illness life would have been so much easier for both of us.

Finding my purpose again!

After mum died I was no longer working full-time and it left a huge gap in my life. I was also beginning to realise how much my finances had suffered through those six years.

Losing approximately 10 years potential pension pot and dipping into my savings to keep us going when I was unable to work meant that I was facing a very impoverished old age unless I did something about it and quick.

I started to explore the internet to try and develop a network marketing business I was unable to make a go of using the traditional methods.  The only experience I had of the internet previously was using it for research and sending and receiving e-mails.

I started with a blog to promote my network marketing business but I soon became bored writing about the same thing all of the time. I also became disenchanted with network marketing.

From little acorns mighty oaks grow!

The more I learnt the bigger the ideas became, and I started to explore the idea of building a website about babyboomers  for babyboomers contemplating retirement. Using all I had picked up from the pre-retirement courses and from my life experiences since hopefully giving them the tools they need to make the right decisions.

How does someone like me build a website with no techie expierience and limited funds? I needed something that would include tutorials and lead me by the hand to set it up otherwise I stood no chance of success.

I knew through my experience with my blog you can't just build a website and then expect people to find it. You have to have traffic and that's hard to do unless you know how to use keywords that the Search Engines pick up. I had already learnt a great deal and I felt confident that if I found the right package I could do it.

I had seen articles on other blogs about Site Build It. I started to explore the many pages on the Site Build It Site and liked the look of it.

I had a picture in my head of what I wanted to create. I wanted the site to be a source of information for all the challenges that people of a certain age encounter.

I also recognized that people who "have been there, and done that", are the ones that can pass on valuable information to others. For example, I had cared for someone with Alzheimers so I could give information about that.

Someone else might be caring for someone who had suffered a stroke and they could offer an insight into that. That's why I wanted to make the site interactive where fellow baby boomers could share their own experiences and knowledge that would help others.

A fresh start!

So there I was in my sixties starting another business, which I hoped would not only supplement my retirement, but will help other babyboomers retiring with their own challenges.  That was 12 years ago now and we're still here growing and developing constantly trying to keep up with the many changes on the internet and hopefully helping people like you to enjoy a successful retirement.

Together we can help each other, no matter what the circumstances, to get the best out of our retirement.

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