Journaling is a way that baby boomers can create  a treasure for their children and grandchildren.

Susan Morgan a life/career coach and personality expert uses the tool of journaling both with clients and for herself.  In this article she tells us how we can capture special memories for future generations.

Create a Priceless Treasure.

Recently I found a priceless treasure: it is not worth money, but it is worth a great deal more than that to me.

I found a journal my father kept of his years as a teacher of the various funny, sad, silly and some very insightful things his elementary school students said or wrote. It also includes a few “prize” notes from parents, some of whom obviously did not pay too much attention when they themselves were in school.

What a gift that is for me. I adored my dad and I can still remember looking at this journal with him and having him explain some of the things in it when I was too young to “get” the joke myself. I will keep it forever.

It got me thinking.

If that journal, which is not really personal at all, can be such a joy to me, just think of how it would feel to have a journal of my father’s life, or of my father writing about his family: about me.

Obviously I cannot have that at as my father has been gone for many years, but I can journal for my children and grandchildren. And I can encourage others to do the same.

As Baby Boomers we can journal, even if we have never done it before, and create a treasure for our children and grandchildren. It may seem just like day to day stuff to us right now, but it will be something worth keeping for a lifetime for them.

How I would have loved to have read a journal written by my grandmother just to feel close to her, to understand better who she was and how life looked to her.

We have the chance right now to create this for our families.

The benefits of journaling!

  • It is healthy to journal as it relieves stress and we see things more clearly.
  • It is easy to journal, no special tools required, it is not electronic and no-one cares about our spelling or grammar.
  • It is a way to solve problems, lay things to rest, or speak out and finally,
  • It is a way to have fun, to laugh, to enjoy the enjoyable things in life.

With this in mind I started to create what I call “targeted” or “focused” journals. These are journals with a focus on a particular topic. And the focus is not only in the journal title. Each time you turn the page you will find a quote to inspire and encourage you, and a few just to entertain you.

In addition, just for fun, there is a little rating gauge at the bottom of each page where you can rate your entry.

The Grandmothers journal, for example, invites you to rate your day from 1 hug (tomorrow will be a better day) up to 5 hugs for a wonderful day. And to top things off, each journal ends with a handy index for you to note special entries or quotes that you want to be able to find easily again.

Of particular interest to Boomers, as well as the Grandmothers Journal, could be the Cruise Journal, and the Travel Journal. There are journals that focus on personal development too, such as happiness, intuition, ideas and more. And one for Mothers, if you have a daughter or daughter-in-law who might like to start creating a treasure of her own.

I encourage you all to start journaling. No stress, just journal when you feel like it. It’s good for you!  Plus it is a wonderful gift to your family for generations to come. Journal from the heart and share your love, your joy and your life with those who will cherish it in the future.

Written and submitted by Susan Morgan

About the Author

Susan Morgan is a life/career coach and personality expert who uses the tool of journaling both with clients and for herself.

She has journaled for most of her life, and found it extremely helpful as a tool for motivation, creativity and generally keeping her life on an even keel.

She has developed her Inspirational Journals to help others maximize on the benefits of writing from the heart on a regular basis.

Susan totally believes that this is a tool to improve life, better relationships and generally enjoy all that life has to offer.

Susan spends her time between the Pacific West Coast and various parts of the British Isles.

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