Baby boomers Turn 70

The first Baby boomers turned 70 in 2016! Were you  one of the first baby boomers to turn 70 in 2016? 

In the UK 650,000 of us were born in 1946.   3.5 million in the US.

Baby boomers turn 70 - Who would believe it!

As a generation the baby boomers instigated many changes as they railed against all kinds of authority. We  changed long held attitudes on race, gender and sex, dictating musical taste, and changing just about everything in the world we inherited.

So how does it feel to be  70?

Well it seems  the first Baby boomers turning 70 marked  another 1st in social history!

Are  we redefining old age and retirement?

Many of us are still working either because we have to financially or because we want to carry on making a contribution to society.

On the whole we are probably the healthiest and most active generation.

I don't feel old but the world appears to be changing so rapidly I find I'm now beginning to yearn for the good old days when life seemed simpler and less stressful.  But having said that I refuse to pick up my bus pass. 

As the baby boomers turn 70 I still refuse to accept the invitation  that I qualify for to what they refer to as 'the old people's Christmas Lunch' provided free by our Parish Council for people over 65 and I'm not ready yet to be considered an Old Age Pensioner or Senior Citizen thank you very much.

The younger generation seem to be blaming us for all that is wrong with the world rather than appreciating the legacy we've left them.  They  seem to think that we are all wealthy and not touched by the global economic turndown of the last few years. 

When in reality many of us have had to re-think our retirement plans because our pension incomes have not matched the incomes we had been promised after many years of paying into 'Pension Funds'.

As baby boomers turn 70 many industries are still reaping the benefit of our generation.

  • the retirement property developers are rubbing their hands,
  • the costmetic industry as we buy all of those  anti ageing products,
  • all of the many suppliers of services to the growing ageing propulation,
  • The tourist industry as we book all of our holidays,
  • The health and wellness industry as we try to stay healthy
  • Not to mention the Pension Providers and Insurance Industry.

I'm going to be an 'empty nester'

As baby boomers turn 70 they will probably begin to make  changes to their lifestyle.  Many of my friends are beginning to downsize their homes.

For me personally 2016 is going to bring about huge changes.  For not only will I turn 70, but for the first time in my life I will be faced with living on my own as my Daughter leaves home to strike out on her own.   A little later than I expected by some 20 years or so.   She's made a couple of attempts but boomaranged back each time! 

Having said that we have lived as companionable best friends for most of those years and I have no doubt I  shall miss her funny quircky humour and sense of fun.  I shall miss her coming home in the evening and telling me about her day and I shall miss her friends dropping in and calling on the telephone.

I'm sure that eventually when I get used to my empty nest I shall relish my new found freedom to do exactly what I want when I want without having to consider someone else.  Perhaps I will re-model my life.

I'm not sure at this stage what goals I will set myself for the year ahead.   I have found as I grow older things that used to be important no longer seem to be.  

Another thing that seems to happen as baby boomers turn 70 milestone celebration parties seem to get less as funerals seem to be more frequent.  As baby boomers turn 70 we look at each other and wonder who of our friends and acquaintences will be next.

Looking 70 in the face makes you realise your own mortality and  how precious life is.  Particularly the importance of doing all we can to stay healthy.  Without good health it's hard to enjoy anything.

On Monday the 11th January I woke to the news of the great music icon David Bowie's death.  A few days before it was a friend who lost her long battle with cancer.  As we get older we start to see our circle of friends diminishing as they bow out of the world.

At the other end of the spectrum  in 2015 my family welcomed two new babies into the extended family circle and  we watch in amazement at how quickly friends grandchildren grow and develop some already leaving to go to University and into adulthood.

Life is indeed a rich tapestry of highs and lows and through it all I find that we must all have something new to look forward to.  We need to continue to set goals for ourselves to give us hope and focus.   They need not be huge or life changing just something different to learn and enjoy.

As baby boomers turn 70 perhaps we should begin to appreciate what we have and live more in the present embracing the opportunities that come our way whilst we can.

Thought provoking words of Steve Jobs!

A little while ago I came across the the last words of Steve Jobs -

Here was a man who appeared to have everything money could buy but as his health failed he began to evaluate what was truly important in life.

"it's amazing how when faced with the final curtain we realize what's important in this life.

I have come to the pinnacle of success in business.
In the eyes of others, my life has been the symbol of success.

However, apart from work, I have little joy. Finally, my wealth is simply a fact to which I am accustomed.

At this time, lying on the hospital bed and remembering all my life, I realize that all the accolades and riches of which I was once so proud, have become insignificant with my imminent death.

In the dark, when I look at green lights, of the equipment for artificial respiration and feel the buzz of their mechanical sounds, I can feel the breath of my approaching death looming over me.

Only now do I understand that once you accumulate enough money for the rest of your life, you have to pursue objectives that are not related to wealth.

It should be something more important:

For example, stories of love, art, dreams of my childhood.

No, stop pursuing wealth, it can only make a person into a twisted being, just like me.

God has made us one way, we can feel the love in the heart of each of us, and not illusions built by fame or money, like I made in my life, I cannot take them with me.   I can only take with me the memories that were strengthened by love. This is the true wealth that will follow you; will accompany you, he will give strength and light to go ahead.

Love can travel thousands of miles and so life has no limits. Move to where you want to go. Strive to reach the goals you want to achieve. Everything is in your heart and in your hands.

What is the world's most expensive bed? The hospital bed.

You, if you have money, you can hire someone to drive your car, but you cannot hire someone to take your illness that is killing you.

Material things lost can be found. But one thing you can never find when you lose: life.

Whatever stage of life where we are right now, at the end we will have to face the day when the curtain falls.

Please treasure your family love, love for your spouse, love for your friends...

Treat everyone well and stay friendly with your neighbours."

Steve Jobs was a college dropout when he teamed up with  Steve Wozniak in 1976 to sell personal computers assembled in Jobs’ garage. That was the beginning of Apple Computers, which revolutionized the computing industry and made Steve Jobs a multimillionaire before he was 30 years old.

Born: February 24, 1955, San Francisco, California

Died: October 5, 2011

Let us all heed Steve Job's words and make the most of the year ahead. 

As more Baby boomers turn 70  we wish you all  in the years ahead a life filled with happiness, health, joy and laughter.

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