Baby boomers Retiring -  How to Match your Dream of Retirement with the Reality Check!

Did you know most baby boomers retiring jump into retirement without a plan?

And according to a recent survey carried out by one of the UK's leading Building Societies retirement proves to be disappointing for some with the average retiree becoming bored after 10 months.

In 2011 650,000 baby boomers turned 65  and were eligible to retire, rising to 800,000 in 2012  which was the biggest birth year on record following the war. Overall 3.3 million people are poised to hit state pension age in the next five years (2018-2023)

Perhaps you're one of them?

With the possibility that many of us will live to be 100 have you thought how you  will fill the years stretching ahead which are supposed to be your golden years and more importantly how you'll fund them?

Do you have a plan for your retirement?

The secret to a successful retirement is to have a plan.

Without a plan how are baby boomers retiring today going to meet their retirement expectations in relation to income and how they are going to spend their time.

Baby boomers retiring today may have a very different retirement to that of their parents generation.  We're healthier and generally more active with much higher expectations as to what retirement is going to mean for us.

But are those expectations realistic?

Did you  ever dream like I did when you were working of all the things you planned to do in retirement until you did the maths?

Are you one of the  baby boomers retiring or already retired that had their dreams for retirement shattered like me because of pension shortfalls, low returns on investments and savings and ongoing responsibilities for children who can't afford to leave home plus the added responsibility of ageing parents?

Recent research shows that most people have completely unrealistic expectations of how much income they can expect in retirement.

Those approaching retirement anticipate an income of £17,000 from their savings, but the reality is that they will receive a sum closer to £10,000 leaving a worrying income gap.

Unfortunately I can't change that for you but what I can do is encourage you to consider options you may not have considered or even be aware of before you make your final decisions.

How I can help you

I want you to think about how you plan to spend your time and how you're going to fulfil those dreams you've had for years with the possibility of a shrinking pension pot.

If you read my About me page you will see that I ran Retirement Courses for many years for one of the biggest construction companies in the UK where we brought in all the relevant Financial and Legal Advisers to ensure that  employees were both financially and emotionally equipped to make the right decisions in their pre-retirement planning.

Through my experience and knowledge I can pass on the information you need to know through this website to access the financial information you need before making your decisions i.e.

  • How to check whether you qualify for a State Pension.
  • How to confirm what Age you can retire.
  • How to access your Pension Forecasts for both State Pensions and any Private Pensions you may have.
  • How to Track a lost Pension from previous Employers.
  • What other factors to consider like savings and investments.

This will be a good starting point where you can gain a reasonably accurate projection of what income you can expect.

  • I give you options on how to achieve those dreams in ways you may never have thought of.
  • I  even give you some interesting ideas on how to supplement your income if you're facing a shortfall.
  • And some facts on why it's  important to prepare emotionally before making the decision to retire.
  • Hobbies and activities you may like to consider.
  • And lots more besides!

Baby boomers retiring need to ask themselves two questions.

When you have gathered all your relevant information you will be in a far better position to consider whether

Have you already retired?

Perhaps you've already made your decisions.  If so

    Do you regret them?
    Would you do anything different if you could turn back the clock?

Perhaps you have experiences and challenges that you are
willing to share with other baby boomers. There are several areas on the website where you can write about your own experiences that may help other baby boomers retiring. 

By sharing  each  others dreams and challenges for the future baby boomers retiring can help each other get the best out of their retirement years.

The baby boomer generation

The baby boomers have  always been trail blazers why change now.

We were the rockers and shakers that thought we could change the world!

We've fought for Freedom, Justice, Peace, Equality and Prosperity. Just look at us now, rocking and rolling towards "retirement".

We were the generation that thought we would never grow old.

Are we going to redefine old age the same as we've redefined other traditional values during our lives?

Is the stereotype of what it means to be old out dated and will the baby boomers reshape the notion of retirement?

I think that's quite likely.

Are we going to give up on our dreams?

No way!

What are the options?

Thanks to changes in the mandatory retirement age (whether you think they are good or bad) baby boomers retiring still have many choices:

The possibilities are endless the sky's the limit. 

If you've already made your choice there's still plenty of information on this website to help you make the most of your retirement years.

If you haven't then we hope Baby boomers retiring will help you make the right decisions.

You can still continue to have goals and dreams you just need to find the best way to achieve them in challenging times.

Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, BUT rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, wine in the other, totally worn out and screaming....
"Woo Hooooo what a ride!  I wanna go round again!"    Annonymous.

Whatever Your Challenges Or Dreams Are We Want To Know.