Babyboomers Retiring - Does Your Dream of Retirement Match the Reality Check?

Baby boomers retiring are at risk of having their dreams for retirement shattered because of pension shortfalls, low returns on their investments and savings and ongoing responsibilities for children and parents.

With the possibility that many of us will live to be 100 it's difficult to know what we will do with the years stretching ahead of us which are supposed to be our golden years.

Our aim at Baby boomers retiring is to make sure we give you as much information we can before you retire to help you make the right decisions. Pre-retirement planning is not just about the financial planning but also about the psychological preparation for a whole new way of life.

Retirement is a huge change and many people drift into it  without too much thought giving up work and then they regret it later.

We want to encourage you to consider all the options open to you before you make your final decisions.  We want you to think about how you plan to spend your time and how you're going to fulfil those dreams you've had for years with the possibility of a shrinking pension pot.

Perhaps you've already made your decisions.  If so

  • Do you regret them? 
  • Would you do anything different if you could turn back the clock?

Perhaps you have experiences and challenges that you are
willing to share with other baby boomers. There are several areas on the website where you can write about your own experiences.  

We hope by sharing  each  others dreams and challenges for the
future we can help each other to get the best out of our retirement years.

Baby boomers retiring need to ask themselves two questions.

Baby boomers retiring today may have a very different retirement to that of our parents generation. 650,000 of us turned 65 during 2011 and were eligible to retire, rising to 800,000 in 2012 the biggest birth year on record.

We were the generation that thought we would never grow old. The rockers and shakers that thought we could change the world!

We've fought for Freedom, Justice, Peace, Equality and Prosperity. Just look at us now, rocking and rolling towards "retirement".

Are we going to redefine old age the same as we've redefined other traditional values during our lives? 

Is the stereotype of what it means to be old out dated and will the baby boomers reshape the notion of retirement?

What are our options?

Thanks to changes in the mandatory retirement age (whether you think they are good or bad) baby boomers retiring still have many choices:

The possibilities are endless the sky's the limit. 

If you've already made your choice there's still plenty of information on this website to help you make the most of your retirement years.

If you haven't then we hope Baby boomers retiring will help you make the right decision.

Whatever Your Challenges Or Dreams Are We Want To Know.

Go to Retirement Lifestyle and tell us your story.