We hope to retire in Mexico or South America....

by Sharol Rasmussen
(Springfield, MO., USA)

Hi Everyone, my name is Sharol Rasmussen, and I've written often for this site. I'm from the US, and sold my Lake Front home last July, in Lake of the Ozark, MO. area, and have been renting every since, trying to decide what I want to do with my life, what adventure I want to take next...

I looked into getting a small, cheap home in AR. home of Walmart, or still, perhaps stay in MO., but I've changed my mind for the present, and am going to visit my family in CA. in a month, stay there a couple of weeks, then go to Mexico for a month or two to see if that would be an area we would consider retiring to. My daughter in law's family is from there, she has an Uncle, Aunt, and Cousin there.

We will go and stay for a month for my daughter Ashlee to go to Language school, so she can teach English to foreigners.

She's fluent in Spanish, thanks to much study, and spending a year going to School in Barcelona. She's trying this teaching thing out, deciding not to study Medicine, as she always wanted to do, she wants to give this teaching thing a try. She told me it was because, when she was young, she would come into my classroom often, to help the kids out, and she loves that special magic when the light bulb comes on, and the kids grasp a new concept.

I hope it makes her heart sing, but if not, at least she's giving it a try, and can also do something else with her Biology degree.

If we're not completely happy with Mexico, and we still want to see more of the world, we are heading down to Ecuador, then Chile, Argentina, area. We want to give South America a try, and stay in the Southern Hemisphere.

My Mom thinks we're crazy, my family is perplexed, but myself, and my three adult kids, and I, we want to give it a try. We want to get out of the US, with all it's regulation, etc. and go to what things used to be like when we Baby Boomers were young, like the 50's and 60's.

We're renting here, and there, trying to see where we belong. We have our things in storage, here in the US, and if worse, comes to worse, we will return, and get serious about where we want to live.

We know we need to be very conservative with our money, as I've gone through way too much of it this last year, after selling my house. I must put my foot down, and demand some monetary, and physical help, if they want it from me, as well. We're just trying to get through this economic depression that our world is soiled with, try to get back to nature, have cows, chickens, a garden, grow our own food, perhaps solar on our rooftops.

We know we must change now, or be forced to later. We are downsizing, big time now, and know it will be difficult, but we can do it. We can't wait to start this exciting time, and will keep you informed on our progress.

I haven't had Spanish for 40 years, and am very rusty, but it's coming back a little. It's scary for us, but exciting as well. We just want to try, because if we don't, we'll never know what we've missed.

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May 04, 2014
We hope to retire in mexico or south america
by: .Lori Tingzon

I'm excited about reading more from this great adventure. Hope to hear more from this lady, and want her hopes and dreams to come true.

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