Nice to be back in the USA, but still considering perhaps, Chile????

by sharol rasmussen

Dear Pat and friends,

This is Sharol Rasmussen from the US. I'm here back at Lake of the Ozarks in MO, very beautiful this time of year, with our first 5" of snow coming earlier than usual.

The many different types of trees here, oak, pine, maples are completely flocked with snowy winter white, their branches heavy with winter's promise of snowman fights, hot chocolate, and fireplace gazing. The great thing about Mo is you never know what to expect about the weather. It can be really warm one day, freezing the next. So you must always have a coat, sweater, heavy coat, for protection.

It's a very beautiful state here, in the US, the Midwest area, surrounded by many states, TN, KN to name a couple.....I'm really glad I'm here, and am waiting on seeing if the bank will take my short sale offer on a cheap house that needs lot's of work.

It's a very difficult process, with the prior owner and bank, both agreeing on price before they sell...Take's lots of time.

By giving so much of my retirement money to family members, especially my kids, I really need to economize on my choice of housing, and it's cost.

I've been too giving, too kind, to everyone I meet, and am now facing the ugly consequences of my past behavior. I don't have much money left for my own retirement, as I have no husband as a buffer to suffer retirement's heavy costs. I don't need much to make me happy, however, as I've had the money in my past, but was with the wrong man, who I couldn't communicate with. Not a good situation.

I'm on disability, and have had two knee replacements, can't stand for long, need a desk job, and haven't been able to work since 2003. Not good for me. I have some issues remembering things, and arthritis has it's grip on my hands at this point, although I'm only 56 years old. I'm trying to come up with other ways to make an income that I can handle.

I'm either going to buy that little house in my state, or try, yet again either Chile or Ecuador.

My daughter and I are on speaking terms now, which helps, and I may visit here, or stay with some of her friends in a couple of months to see what I think. They say Chile is much more western, with little mosquitoes, which bite me every time I went out in Mexico.

I'm concerned about my lack of Spanish ability, but in the area I'm considering there are many gringos, which helps. I'm flexible with my decision, and need your prays and good wishes that whatever God wants of me, that's the right decision. Just wanted to update you before Thanksgiving.

Sharol Rasmussen

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Mar 23, 2015
retiing in chile
by: Anonymous

I hope this wonderful lady can find her prince. Don't give up, it can happen at any time, any where, just open your eyes. It happened to me and I'm 65 years old. Just believe, and it will come true......Cindy

Nov 25, 2014
Nice to be back in US
by: Anonymous

Wonderful article. Hope she finds her dream. Tracy

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