My retirement Dream

by Sharol Rasmusssen

Dear Pat and friends,

I woke up early, with the new time change, it's very different here at the lake, with the cool, crisp fall, and it's wonderful colors of yellow, red, gold, trying so hard to hang onto their brilliance, but knowing their time is short, and they will become bare in a few weeks time.

It reminds me of my life, with 56 years flying by and not much to show for it. My daughter barely talks to me, unless it's about money, then her interest suddenly perks up. My son, however, still loves me, and puts up with me.

I feel alone, and feel tinges of sadness when I hear about my twin sister's life, her husband who brings home lot's of money, her daughter having two children already. I have none of that. I've always wanted to be a grandmother, but many times feel that won't happen for me, or perhaps, I will be a long distance one. Both kids are out of the country. Lance is in Mexico with relatives, and Ashlee is in Ecuador.

To say the least, I never wished for this kind of life. I didn't say when I was 10 years old, I'm going to be old and grey, and sad, and bitter. I just wanted someone to truly love me for me, warts and all. I wasted 19 years with my ex, and divorced back in 2000. I haven't married sense, and know, I'll have no one there for me, no one to help take care of me in my hour of need....

I'm not the only one, however, as many baby boomers have found themselves in the same, sorry position. Instead of those golden years of peace and fun, the kind that show pictures of people holding hands, having big smiles on their faces, racing in their big boats, I find myself, on the opposite side of their paradise.

Not that I don't mind the simple life, and wouldn't mind living in a tepee, but the winters get cold here in MO. I'm looking again for a smaller house with some acreage, to raise chickens, have cows, sheep, a garden.

This situation is new for me, as I come from the state of CA, and never learned to hunt, fish, or take care of myself. I'm willing to try, however, as I truly believe the economy is going to get a lot worse....I have to get self sufficient, and take care of myself, because I can't rely on anyone else to do it....

The situation in Mexico reminded me I can't even count on my kids, but they have their own lives, and need to figure them out I can't bail out anyone, anymore, because there will be nothing left for me. High time I thought of myself, but it's better late than never.

I hope some of you reading this may see yourself in this article, and change your ways before it's too late, and you end up with nothing. Please take care of yourselves, unless you plan to inherit millions of dollars, you will wind up like me. Make the change, and take care of number one, yourselves.....

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Nov 08, 2014
retirement dream
by: Anonymous

Sad story but true for so many of us. We must take care of ourselves. She deserves some happiness, too. Sue

Nov 03, 2014
my retirement dream
by: Anonymous

I really hope this lady can find someone someday, and be happy for once in her life. Her writing is excellent and I love reading about her. Ted

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