My retirement challenge.......

by sharol
(osage beach, mo.)

My name is Sharol and I live in the state of MO. There's a freak, winter storm here now, blanketing most of the U.S., as I sit here, at the lake, wondering why I'm here with winds with a -25 degree windchill. Usually, it's not so bad here in the winter, perhaps in the 30's or 40's, or so, but now, it's unbearable.

The problem is, I've tried the opposite climate. I was born, lived in CA, most of my life, with near perfect weather. I then moved to sunny Phoenix, AZ, with great winters, and hell-like summers. I'm looking for more of a middle ground. I guess I could go to CA., and visit my mom, sister and daughter for a month or so, during this deep freeze, and I know that would be the best option for me.....

I'm starting to get burned out on this area, however. It's extremely beautiful. It's a smaller town, that's dead in the winter, and crazy in the summer. I'm renting a one bedroom condo on the lake for $450 per month, including utilities. Very cheap for this place.

I like the excitement of moving, seeing new things every couple of years or so. In the past, I would buy a home, keep it a couple of years, fix it up and sell it, but now with housing prices set to fall again here in the states, I know that renting is my best option. It also gives me complete freedom to come and go, as long as I don't sign a long-term lease. I'm renting month to month here. I have my furniture in storage, and only pay $50 per month, so things are good....

It seems that no place is perfect, and everything has it's pro's and con's. I'm in the process now of developing a list of must have's in the area I want to live in, so I can make a rational decision, not blindly go to a place that I've never been to, like when I moved here. I threw a dart on the map of the U.S., and decided to move to the middle of the country. Not a particularly smart thing to do....But it was an experience....

I'm also considering moving to Chile, or Ecuador, renting of course, to see how I like it. I'll be sure to keep my things in storage, in case I want, or need to come back to the U.S. The great thing is I have options. If I want to move, I can move....So now, I believe, it's time for a change. I promise, I will let you know how it goes.....

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Jan 07, 2014
retirement challenge
by: Anonymous

Great article, very well written. Looking forward to hearing what you decide.

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