I've cared for everyone my whole life. It's my turn now......

by Sharol Rasmussen
(Osage Beach, MO. USA)

Every since the ripe old age of three years old, I started taking care of everyone I knew. It was the only thing I knew, and I felt everything was alright in my world.....This continued on, though out my life, and I found myself, doing more and more for others, and the others, expecting more and more from me, and to make matters even worse, they didn't appreciate me, or anything I did for them. I grew more and more resentful, until, finally I grew up at age fifty six, and knew I had to change, or die trying.....

I finally had it out with my two kids, and daughter in law, all adults, but still kids and not wanting to accept responsibility for themselves, it was a hard time. I had to sell the only possession that mattered to me, which was my beautiful lakefront house with 21 acres, which I know, I'll never have again.

I managed to sell this property by myself last July on the internet.....I have been renting cheaply since then, waiting for the right property. I think I found it, and am praying tonight that I can buy it cheap because it needs much work.

I plan on paying cash, $50,000-$60,000, and own it free and clear, in the hills of AR., in the USA. It has ten acres, so hopefully we can grow veges, have chickens, a couple of cows, perhaps a goat, and noisy geese for protection. Not that a big German Shepard wouldn't help the situation as well....

The kids and I plan on sharing this ten acre spread and helping each other get through this economic depression the whole world seems embroiled in.

I can see the writing on the wall, and am trying ever so hard to help my family survive, with or without a man....I discovered, that I spent almost $50,000, since last July of the money, and told those kids, no more.

I buy the house, my son grows the food, takes care of the land, my daughter finishes her college, works, plus daughter in law. I will do all the money, budget, try some cooking, but we can't all be perfect at everything...I only wish......

I always thought I had to do everything, I had to take care of everyone, but I was so wrong. God was really doing the job. I just thought I was....He was there all along, I just didn't realize it.

I put myself through so much unnecessary stress, holding the whole world up, but it was God all the time. I simply had to let go and let him do it....I couldn't anymore.

If this situation sounds like you, your not alone, by a long shot. I still have a long way to go, but know now, I must change, or die. I can't live like this anymore. Please respond to my article if your in the same boat, and what your doing about it now??? I still could use all the help I can get.....


Sharol Rasmussen


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Mar 22, 2014
care for everyone my whole life
by: Anonymous

Great article. You should have your own web site. Keep them coming.

Jack Caruso

Mar 22, 2014
A Fresh Start
by: Pat @ Babyboomers Retiring

Hi Sharol we love to hear how you're getting on.

I know you've had it hard over the last few years but this sounds exciting. A fresh new start for you all. I think as parents we're always hesitant in handing over the reigns to our kids but I guess there comes a time in our life when it's their turn to look after us.

I do hope you get the house and you can begin to enjoy the rest of your life. Let us know what happens. Good Luck!

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