I'm now in Mexico.....

by Sharol Rasmussen
(Guadalajara, Mexico)

Hi Pat,

This is Sharol Rasmussen, again, writing to keep in touch with my new adventure. We left the U.S. a couple of weeks ago, and it hasn't been easy.

First of all, my two kids, daughter in law, and I visited her relatives in deep Mexico, three hours south/west of Guadalajara. There I found myself, in very third world conditions. My kids, who visited uncle a year before, didn't exactly tell me how primitive the bathroom situation really was.

There were no sinks, a white, copper pipe was the only dribble of water, in which to take showers, wash our hands, etc. The really bad part was the water was turned off, at 5 pm sharp, every day, because her uncle lives in the business district, and that's how they do things. They only have cold water, which was somewhat of a treat during the summer months, but would be a bummer, come winter.

The kitchen, bathroom accommodations were really difficult, but I could have lived with them. The one thing that practically killed me was the endless bites from the mosquitoes we had to endure. It sure makes you appreciate home, and all the things you take for granted. This was one reason I wanted my kids to experience this with me.

After suffering for a week with uncle, my daughter and I went to the condo in Guadalajara, and at $1,250 per month, it's a very luscious place. It's in one of the best areas in the city, a couple of blocks to my daughters school. She has a B.A. in Biology, but is getting her certificate so she can teach English anywhere in the world.

She should be completed with her studies within four weeks or less, We then plan on flying to Miami, FL., for a four night cruise off the Bahama's, Key West, and a private island retreat with the cruise line. All meals are included with the price, and she found three nights of hotel stays in Miami for $200 U.S., not bad, my daughter should have been a travel agent. The cruise will cost about $720 U.S. for the both of us. She also found us reasonable flights. Like I said, those 21 year old fingers do magic on the computer. It would take her five minutes, or less, to find numerous information out, and for myself, I don't want to talk about it....

We plan on arriving to Guayaquil, Ecuador, a week later, as it's only 4.20 hours away from FL. We will then go to the Ecuador consulate so I can complete my paperwork for a pensioner visa in Ecuador. I really want to have a dual passport, live in a very cheap area, and see how this whole economic depression pans out.

I realize, I only have so much money left, after giving and giving for 15 years, and only hurting myself, I cut off my son and daughter in law. My son, who is bipolar, receives $700.00 per month from SSI. I would think they could live on that income, in that part of Mexico, as her uncle said they could live their free, and just help with food expenses. This should really make them grow up fast....Or at least I hope so....

Anyway, that just leaves one more kid, my daughter, who plans on teaching in Brazil, because they pay more, and she's never been there.

We found a beautiful home in Salinas, Ecuador area, with a Brit, an older lady who just lost her husband after many years, and only has the house as security. She has no money saved, except her small pension from the U.K. I really hope this works out for us, because I see it as a win-win. When my daughter leaves for Brazil, I will only have to pay $100.00 per month for rent...Yeah, perhaps, finally, I can save money. I should be able to save lots of money from my two pensions, and finally get control of my finances, and look out for number one, like I always should have been.

I realize now, being a slow learner, that the only one that will take care of me, is me. As a 56 year old, single lady,I'm all I got....It's time for my kids to take care of themselves, and stop demanding money from me. Wow, what a concept. It's time for me to fly......

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Jul 21, 2014
A New Life in Mexico
by: Pat @ Babyboomers Retiring

Hi Sharol it's so lovely to receive your updates as to how your plans are going. I'm sure a lot of our readers are interested to know how you're getting on with your plans to create a new life in Mexico. I think you're so brave to be doing this.

You've recognised that you need to find somewhere cheaper to live and it's quite a decision to sell the family home and move to a new Country.

I think the idea of sharing with an older lady is a great idea and seems like a win-win situation. Companionship and support for both of you and as you say an opportunity of lower living expenses will help you to get back on your feet financially.

The cruise sounds wonderful. Hope you both enjoy it.

Do keep us updated on how things work out for you and thanks again for sharing your experiences with us at babyboomers-retiring.

Jul 18, 2014
by: Anonymous

Great read. Hope to hear all about her adventure.


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