I always take care of everyone. Now it's time to take care of me, before it's too late....

by sharol rasmussen
(osage beach, mo.)

My name is Sharol and I'm a disabled teacher who is about to turn 56 years old on December 28th. I've been unable to work since 2002, and have been living on a small pension of $22,000/U.S.

I have been taking care of everyone in my life, from my ex husband, who is paralyzed, my bi-polar son, and his recent wife, and my daughter, who just graduated from college this last summer. I also help out my elderly mom, my younger brother, nephew, all people young, and old. But it's killing me....I need to stop, I want to stop. I must stop......

The problem is, I only have so much money saved. My retirement portfolio, at one time, was quite flush, and I could have easily lived on it, since I have everything I need, and don't require much to make me happy. But things have slowly changed these last 14 years, since the divorce.

It seemed every time I would invest in a home, make a decent gain, most times, I would give it all away to my relatives and friends. But now, I know, deep in my heart that I must stop. If I don't, I'll be penniless, a bag lady, who will work for cat food.

I knew I really needed help when I sold my last home, a beautiful, lakefront home on 21 acres, that I knew, I couldn't afford by myself. I didn't need a 3,000 sq. ft. home, just for myself, and refused to live house poor. I sold it for a small profit, but alas, after netting $238,000, $38,000 has magically disappeared these last last five months.

Now, I have no home. I'm renting a small lakefront, one bedroom, 500 sq. ft. condo for $450.00 a month including utilities. A give away price.....I do realize I need a small, cheap place at some point, but with the upcoming slowing real estate market, that I believe will appear in 2014, I can't afford to make a mistake. I'm waiting to see what happens.

I often dream about being happily married, like many other lucky women, sharing a life together with a kind, thoughtful man, with a good heart, and who is also funny. I seem to be getting older and older for this endeavor, however, dreading that perhaps my fate of loneliness is sealed, forever.

I missed the boat these last 14 years trying to find some happiness with the opposite sex. Let's just say I had a bad experience with my ex, who I married twice. Please don't ask why. I still can't figure that one out....

I did make the mistake thinking, perhaps, the online dating scene might net an eligible mate, but I only found con men, cheapskates who wanted a mommy to take care of them, etc. I was already doing that with all the other people in my life. I just want an equal partner, I don't think I'm asking for much.

At this point, it looks like I, and I alone, am responsible for my financial life. I can count on no one, accept myself. It's scary, but yet again, empowering. I can change this disruptive behavior before it's too late. I just need to learn how to say the word, NO......

I hope, that this story helps those who are going through a similar situation, always thinking of others, and never taking care of themselves. Perhaps, we should start a club, I'm game....And oh, by the way, if you know of a sweet, kind, normal man, who wants to find a thoughtful, kindhearted lady, please have them read this. Who knows, it can only get better......

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Mar 20, 2014
I always take care of everyone.....
by: Anonymous

Outstanding article......More, more more, Please.....

Carol Walsh

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