From the U.S. to South America

by sharol rasmussen
(CA/then Mexico)

Hi everyone,

This is Sharol, from the State of MO., in the U.S. My kids and I have made a rash change in our lives recently. We decided to put all our things in storage, here in the states, and go to Mexico for six weeks, for my daughter Ashlee to go to school for a month, so she can teach English, anywhere in the world, and we can brush up on our Spanish, experience the culture, and see if we want to go further south to Ecuador, Chile, wherever.

I'm a retired teacher, vet, and have a modest income, but as a singe mom, with a 21 year old daughter, who just graduated from college, and my son, and daughter in law, that have limited income ability, so much is riding on me.

So, we decided that it's time to see if we can make a life for ourselves, in Ecuador, perhaps, Cuenca, or some surrounding area. My daughter is fluent, my daughter in law so-so, my son and I need lots of help....In the Spanish department, that is. I'm 56, so don't learn like I used to, but want to give this a try. I would love for this to work, and hopefully increase my income with an import/export business on the net, perhaps, or blog like Pat does with us all.

We have everything figured out in Mexico, the condo in the city for a month, ten days with family, but after that who knows? Scary..... But this is what keeps us alive, and keeps us walking in the great unknown.

I love Pat, and her website, and I've published many articles with her here, and hope to keep you all informed on our adventures, if you would like. I love you all from the U.K., and hope to perhaps, see you again in the future.

We all must take our retirement very seriously, things are going to be very bad economically worldwide. Get into gold/silver, have a free and clear house to raise food, have chickens, barter skills, which I'm working on, and let's all please help each other, because we are all going to need it. I bless you, and please keep yourselves safe. Being out of the big cities would be a great idea.

Your friend,


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Feb 27, 2015
From the US to S, America
by: Ron

Fantastic information and writing skills. This women has a lot to say. Very informative, I can learn much from this lady. Richard

Jul 17, 2014
from the us to s. america
by: Anonymous

Lovely writing. What guts. Must hear from this lady, again. Sue

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