My thoughts on Pension Proposals

by Julia

I am female and my date of birth is 16/08/1952. I have had my pension date deferred by approx. 2.5 years losing approximately £15000. I understand I will miss the new pension by just over a year.

I will receive £109 per week having paid full stamp for 38 years. If the proposed new pension is £155 I will lose £46 per week. That is a huge amount of money.

Anyone with an ounce of common sense cannot condone this situation. To condemn a section of society to even greater poverty is callous in the extreme. Surely it would be a fair compromise to reduce the new pension to a level that could be paid to all.

I despair of the ability of our elected representatives to make fair and sensible decisions.

It is a good indicator of the kind of people in parliament who will be in receipt of the best and untouched final salary pensions which the rest of us can only dream about.

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My thoughts on pension proposals

Around 30,000 women due to retire after 2016 are expected to lose out as a result of the end of the couple's rate, as they were relying on their husband's NI record for a state pension income. They will no longer be entitled to this income. I am one of those affected, I have got 13 years to go to retirement and I will get nothing, do other women realise this?

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ex"My thoughts on Pension Proposals"

by Dave

Utter disgrace and fraudulent. After the Government stating it wants people to save and contribute to pension schemes to protect them in the future in then shafts those who have! It's not a small amount - it's about £2000 pounds a year. Plus you may well have paid in far more than those who are just a few months older than you who will get the high rate. How can we live in a society where two people living side by side on identical disposable incomes will have one given a State handout of £2000 and the other not by virtue of being older!!! And they go on about unjust benefits!!
This is the ugly face of Conservatism. DO NOT VOTE CONSERVATIVE at the next election whatever your political views.

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